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Agenda-Thursday August 19, 2010

7-8:30 @ Art Allure 15 Ave. B


Call to order:

Attendance sheet sign in and membership forms





Old Business:

Carousel Day event review


New Business:

Review and approve minutes from July 22, 2010 meeting

Questions and comments/ideas

Our next meeting will be held September 9th, 2010 @ 6:30 pm at the JC Court Bldg. 2nd floor..

The purpose of the meeting will be a discussion by Trustee Rick Balles who attended a Main St. conference recently.


Adjournment.  Thank you for attending.


Carousel Day Final Budget

Funds Received:

NBT Bank-$250                                 Visions-$250

Gerri Harrison-$250                          NY Life-$50

Bartering Central-$250                     Hatala Ortho-$250

First Investors-$50                            Martin Family Chiro-$50

Knight's of Col.(Tent rental)-$50    Famliy Enrichment (table rental) $5

Downtown ads:

Shagunda's-$50     Coin Shop-$10

Visions-$10            Mekong-$5

Vitali Auto-$20      Brozzetti's-$10


Total Funds Received-$1,560.00



Banners (2) 2'X10'-$100.60

Posters (100) 11"X17"-$97.20

Radio (Equinox)-$247.50

Radio (Clearchannels)-$170.00

Live Remote 2 hrs. DJ-$100

Johnny Only 4 hrs. DJ-$200

Tents & tables/chairs (2) 18'X40', (1) 18'X20', (16) 8' tables, and (70) chairs-$290

($50 back from Knights of Columbus and $5 from Family Enrichment Network

Programs (500) Bl.&Wh-$216.00

Map copies (50)-$4.86

Recycle Cans (2)-$43.18

Poster Bd. & Markers-$4.86 + $2.16

Paper Towel Holders (3)-$3.24


Total Expenditures-$1,479.60

Balance of funds-$80.40


JC Partners Meetings

Meetings are typically held once a month at 7 pm on the second Wednesday of the month.

Meetings are being held at the Senior Center Library at 30 Brocton Street

Be sure to check the Events Calendar for the day-time-location of our next meeting

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