Johnson City Partners Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, January 13, 2021
7:00pm via Zoom Meetings


Call to Order: 7:14pm by Julie

Attendance: Julie, Donna, Matt, Corinna, Barb, Marcia,

Approval of November 11 , 2020 Meeting Minutes: Motion: Corinna; Second: Marcia; passed unanimously

No December minutes were distributed because the meeting was canceled.

Reports: Treasurer’s Report: Marcia

Checking: $837.52

Park Savings $573.98

Revitalization Savings $118.50

Total available funds $1530.00

The 6-month Post Office box rental has been paid, as well as insurance through May 13, 2021.

Committee Reports: None

Old Business:

CFJ Park- After discussion of different signs, a motion was made to purchase the 31⁄2 x 51⁄2 foot version
of Design #2 welcoming visitors to “C. Fred Johnson Park” with the addition of “Donated by Johnson City
Partners”. Motion: Donna; Second: Marcia;
passed unanimously

219 Main Street- Discussion continued with suggestions of features that could be added to the lot to improve
its appearance and usability.

Meeting terminated: 7:40pm
Meeting resumed: 7:46pm

Concern was expressed that the village has not committed to maintaining this area as a green space. Matt and
Donna agreed to write and present a letter to the Board of Trustees urging them to designate 219 Main Street
as an established green space that the village will maintain.

New Business: None

Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 10, 2021 at 7:00pm via Zoom Meetings

Adjournment: 8:19pm


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