JC Partners Meeting Minutes

February 18, 2010

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City of Binghamton First Ward Revitalization Meeting Report:

Julie reported-They have grant funding and maps of property with environmental concern and have met with residents for their vision.  Julie passed around information from meeting noted that their problems are similar to ours in the village.


Village Planning Meeting Report:

Cindy reported Zoning for apartment complex was approved, the first step of many.  Efficiency Study Committee that is looking at fire and medical services including information from dissolution study and other avenues and see the alternatives that are out there such as combination dept. Study is open to all residents. Will include 2-3 JC residents, some trustees, government officials.  Contact mayor if interested in serving on this committee.


Town of Union Meeting Report:

Greg attended no major information available.


Sarah Jane Johnson Meeting with Patricia Carden that Julie attended. Patricia provides services for at risk kids in our village.  Mayor, board member Ron Davis and Julie attended.  She sees a huge increase in criminal and violence issues in high school. Group did brainstorming; underlying factor is they need more support.  She wanted people to know that violence is a growing problem as well as Gang issues.


Treasurer's Report:

Bruce King- Current Balance   $285.62


Old Business:

Binghamton University Market Study underway.  Julie/Bob met with two undergrad students a month ago. Do a survey to find out what would bring business/people to Main St.  Because of time constraint, professor feels that Binghamton University students will be only group studied.  It's a good starting place!  Touching base with us regularly and may need money in future. Completed by end of May.


Main Street Business and Property Outreach (downtown business district) Julie has been visiting every Saturday handing out packets about our partnership and ideas.  Today, 91 envelops mailed out containing information to property owners.  Asking for support, host meetings/location available, upcoming spring clean-up downtown, festival of village civic organization and grand opening of carousel and vacant building owners for permission of art work in windows.


Spring Downtown Beautification Project- no date set yet. All civic associations want to be involved. Meeting for representatives for each association attending meeting on February 23rd.  Mayor said DPW will pick up garbage bags.  Volunteer ideas-JC students/staff, BU sororities/fraternities, kids on probation? Advertise at People's Park.


Art Project- Lisa/Julie working on this project. Lisa contacting Art Dept/administration for approval/participation.  Letting students brainstorm symbols of their "JC".  Secured Old Fat Cat Building, Green Owl, Silver and Gold Connection, building by Arch all ready.  Family Dollar in the works.  Nothing for Fays yet. If Krajin Building (Old Bens) is not leased by May they will be interested. Students and staff are very excited! Julie shared article of another area that used art work in buildings-made buildings more marketable. She also shared another article that had information on Mock store fronts...tried in Endicott. Area in 2003 did this with volunteers from university made mock store setting in vacant windows-very successful in moving properties.


Planters-Ros- Greg developed JC Partners Letterhead for our organization. Reaching out to Home Depot and Wegmans. Ros contacted Renaissance and Dillenbecks and they are willing to help with flowers. Greg also reached out to Boys Scouts hoping they will be able to help. Timeframe: end of May/beginning June.


Carousel Grand Opening -Julie contacted Mayor Hannon -no date yet. Looking into insurance for that day.  Bob contacted Rotary Group member- John Mahojowitz- What we do impacts premiums. Can't quote an insurance price, need particulars.  Basic rate may be available and have to get rider to serve alcohol.  May not be able to have everything we want for this year. Paul (Owner of Kudas) idea of getting other bars like Giblins and have a block party-"Cans & Clams" or "Bratworst & Beer"-no bottles. Involvement of alcohol means heightened security and different insurance.  Learned from July Fest a few years back, need to be well planned, organized and have funding.


Other Ideas-Bob shared ideas; garbage cans at each bus stop, high school students to do a litter sweep-to see where garbage is coming from.

Julie shared bus stop information from her son; he travels on buses to learn routes. People are waiting over an hour for transfer bus which causes problems on St. Some businesses may get business from people waiting, but many of the people don't have money to spend while waiting.  Shelters have been ruined in the past.  Benches were there, but pulled out because of drug problems.

New Business

Allen St. Underpass-Ros took pictures; Matco Electric is going to put two lights in underpass free of charge in Spring -vandalism proof.  Lights working outside underpass/NYSEG responsible for maintenance.  Contacted Mayor about sidewalk and retaining wall issues-no money in budget.  Ithaca Painters Union has apprentices to do projects like this-trying to connect with them. UHS uses underpass daily-would be good to make connection with them.


Website Development-Jim started website, still need mission statement, pictures, events. Ideas-pictures of underpass, pictures of vacant buildings-progress/before/after pictures.


Community Newspaper- advertising for local businesses, increase village communication. Julie spoke with man with first hand knowledge and willing to come to our meeting (Chuck Ficaro, Susquehanna Transcript).


Help Wanted List-

~Contact DPW-George Sherba- Ros

~Get Community events calendar so not to interfere with Clean Up Day-

Tom Novobilski

~Determine Flower Box Locations -Myron & Roz

~Paperwork Field Days-Greg

~Generate Field Day Ideas- Everyone for next meeting


Upcoming Events

March 4th -Sarah Jane Johnson Church (park in back, back double doors, go upstairs, turn left) sharing information about our local youth & issues


Next Regular Meeting- March 18th, Gander Mountain 7:00pm


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