Johnson City Partners


Officers:  President:       Julie Deemie

Vice-Pres:      Bob Olcott

Treasurer:       Nick Tarcha

Corres. Sec:    Jim Furman

Recording Sec:  Marcia Ward


Meeting Date:  April 11, 2012

Location:  Johnson City Village Hall

Attendees:  Julie Deemie, Marcia Ward,  Barb Thompson, Corinna Johnson, Dottie Pobocek, Cindy Novobilski


Meeting called to order at 7:10PM

There were only two officers present so there was not a quorum.  We were unable to approve the minutes from previous meetings or vote on any motions.


Reports: Treasurers report from Nick Tarcha via Julie.

The General Fund started with $176.47 and after expenses this month is at $9.49.

Treasury has $124.50 in other funds

The Park Fund has $1423


Old Business: Carousel Day: Julie reported that Carousel Day funding is very positive this year.  We have the same sponsors as last year, so we will be using the same T-shirts.

Julie could use help with Stage and Entertainment for Carousel Day. She is also working on getting ads for the brochure. Corinna volunteered to contact some businesses for brochure ads.

Carol reported to Julie that she has contacted McDonald's regarding a fundraiser and she will provide more information at the next meeting. They may be able to send the Hamburglar to Carousel Day.


Cleanup events:  We are trying to organize a Downtown cleanup day in May. Visions employees volunteered to help. We are looking at Sat.,May 12th or 19th.

Corinna reported that there is a Southside cleanup every Wed from 6-8 PM. The meeting place is Floral Ave. Park.


JC Revitalization Program: Julie said that Patricia Walsh, Main Street Program Rep called her to ask for a status report of our program.  Gov. Cuomo is asking for a status report on all Main Street Grant programs in the State.


Fundraiser discussion: We discussed the raffle ticket fundraiser that was approved at the previous meeting.  We are thinking of having two different raffles, one for an I-Pad and one for a BBQ grill. Each raffle ticket would be $5.  We are thinking of starting to sell the tickets in May or June and continue until Carousel Day.  The drawing for the winners would be on Carousel Day.


Membership: Barb designed a form to help generate interest and membership in JC Partners. We discussed the membership vs. partnership terminology. The group gave suggestions for changes to the form.  There will be a By-Laws meeting, chaired by Barb on 4/26 at 7PM at Village Hall.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:20 PM.


JC Partners Meetings

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Meetings are being held at the Senior Center Library at 30 Brocton Street

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