Johnson City Partners Meeting Minutes

August 15, 2012

Village Hall Bank Meeting Room 7pm


Julie Deemie

Bob Olcott

Jim Furman

Barb Thompson

Carol Laskoski

Dot Pobocek

Orin James

Meeting called to order at 7:05

Members present welcomed new member Orin James and offered their introductions.

Nick was absent so Julie gave the treasury report. Most recent bank statement shows a checking account balance of $915.87. There are some Carousel Day bills to be settled up yet and some raffle ticket monies to be deposited yet. Julie passed out the final Carousel Day Budget Report, the Raffle Report, and passed around a Treasure Dig Game Report. The Treasure Dig Game expenses outweighed the profits this year.

Barb presented ideas for consideration in new wording for the By-laws. Several of her ideas were given attending member consensus to be written up, pending a final approval vote at a later time.

Julie gave the Main Street Grant Update. 2 projects have been approved to begin (Health Beat and Dancescapes). 4 projects have been SHPO approved, 3 are now under SHPO review, and 3 final projects are in the planning stage. Orin agreed to take some before and after photos. Julie gave him a highlighted map of the projects.

Carousel Day thank-yous were given by Julie. Follow up discussions and ideas were exchanged. Questions pertaining to the budget were answered by Julie. Carousel Day Committees were discussed. Orin expressed interest in both the Advertising and Talent Committees and Dot the Insurance/Permitting Committee. Orin plans to bring some ideas to the next meeting.

Bob Olcott submitted his formal letter of resignation as vice president.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:05


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