Johnson City Partners Meeting

March 18, 2010 7pm

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Called to order by Julie Deemie


Introduction new members/guests

Approval of February 18, 2010 meeting minutes


Sarah Jane Johnson Church Meeting March 4, 2010. Presentation of programs for youth by Patricia Carden. Had a great tour.

Framework for understanding poverty recommended by Patricia copies in area. Barb Thompson found Everything Will Be Alright by Doug Wallace. Inspiring book-author survived adversity with optimism.


Windsor Partnership Meeting- March 18, 2010: Bob and Julie attended-small group has annual Art Event and new Farm Days coming up. Developing 10 Year Vision/Plan/Dream-developed brochure. Working on 501C3- Partners not there yet. Sidewalk project, active arts council-thousands come to art festival, art center building there-Bill Pesch.  Membership-actively looking. Working on Web presence, marketing and communications. Farm Days-8 months-year to plan.

Village Board Meeting- someone inquired about positive aspects of village-Partners was mentioned. no code or planning issues.


Town of Union- since Dee is in T of Union, now bids go through them-2nd Street to be re-done. Bids-- for Boland Park parking lot, Bathroom at CFJ Park, parking lot at Floral Park, fencing for spray park at CFJ.


Treasure's Report- Bob reported for Bruce, who was absent- Funds currently held at HSBC-want to move acct. to MBT bank on Main St. Working on transferring. $282.62 current balance.


Old Business

BU marketing research done by May 6th. Want to have presentation at Firehouse Stage on May 6th 7pm.  Five students working on research. Will survey BU upperclassmen to find out what types of business/services would draw students to downtown area and keep them around, besides bars.


Business/Main St. property Outreach- mailed out 92 packets, 7 undeliverable. Also hand delivered packets to most businesses. Got 1 out of 120 with nothing in it. Some people stopped at Bob's as a result-Scott/Maureen House (242 Main ST) and Cool 100 radio station. Avante Gaurde, art gallery on third floor-potential for business/merchant committee. Showcase renovated areas in downtown areas-which have historical value as well- use to attract others.


Spring Downtown Clean-up Project: May 22nd at 9am.  (9weeks away) Looking for someone to Chair that and find a good title. Still need to secure insurance. Blocks of time/tasks- Ros volunteered and Myron will help. DPW will furnish garbage bags, etc. Day involves window washing, street sweeping


Art Club: Property managers and art club students on board, 26-28 windows, focusing on carousels since carousel is being rehabbed. Should be up by mid June


Flowers & Planters: Myron and Ros-using boxes around trees- square planters. Baden Powell Scouts sent out notices to area scout troops. Need 20 approx $45.00 per. 24x24x19 to be placed on sidewalks. Civic organization? Requested donations of Wegmans, Home Depot, Belknap, and Fine Arts Society of Southern Tier. Bob said he would donate. Trying to secure funds to buy supplies. Maybe an adopt a planter program once they are up. Myron adopted one, Bob, Ros, Lisa as well. Who will put them together? Kenny Monico offered to build all.

New Business:

Website development in progress by Jim- Some info in but long way to go. Julie had two meetings with Cool 100 & Ben Giordano. Ben offered help with website.  Cool 100 offered promotional help pro bono to promote us-labor, thinking- anything where there is no material. Need promotional help and marketing help to bring people into our area.


March 22nd-Civic Organization Meeting @Gander Mtn. All organizations in area-all presidents to meet next week- basically have same vision as us. In April at Senior Center all reps from each organization will come together. Want to work together with Partners on events. 50-80 people possible.


Ideas for Field Days/other Fundraising Ideas: show our face/share information or raise funds. $75 upfront fee, currently have no license for gambling, limited to small prize or selling something. Have to be insured, need to look into that. Can't duplicate any food already there. Non-profit organizations. Potential to be very profitable. Ideas???? Artist rendition of what JC "could" look like. Ice-cream sundae station-waiting for Hershey to get back to us.


Other fundraising ideas: little money- need insurance, art supplies, funds for BU research(approx. $120), planters. Yard Sale Sat April 10, Rain date April 11, 10-6. Location at Julie/Jim's 153 Zoa Ave. Donate clean in good working condition items to sale but pre-price before you donate items.  Bake cookies, hot dogs, drinks to sell. If doesn't sell and you want it back pick it up by evening of 11th.


JC Partners was incorporated July 2007, after 3 years in existence we may apply for a permit for raffles--high dollar raffles, would need to sell 3000 tickets. First prize about $10000. Vitali's, Olum's might provide other prizes to us at cost.


April 15th learning conference- Julie will be attending about building your organization and funding...start applying for grants.


Future project-application process based on age, income, disability- to revitalize fronts of houses.


Veteran's Park Status??? Scheduled to be done by June.


Need to keep media aware of what is going on.

Next Special Meeting-April 8th 2010 7pm sharp-Naima Kradjian will be showing a power point presentation & discussing her vision for downtown JC...Refreshments will be served.

Next Regular Board Meeting- April 22nd- Location TBD

Questions/Comments/Ideas from Guests-

?  Why don't we have more members? How can we get people to know about us?

?  Are there any students in high schools/Jr high kids that can help pick up garbage?

?  Neighborhood Cleaning Day throughout village

?  Why don't we have police walking the street? Giving tickets to people littering, breaking beer bottles.

?  Need more garbage cans on Main St.

?  Containers for Cigarettes near bus stops

?  Ticketing people for littering could raise revenue

?  Get kids involved and community to clean up- start building Pride so that they don't want to litter or say something to someone who litters

?  Code issues are number one issue in JC

?  Kenny Monico- started putting together plan- 17000 cars come through here and have limited parking spots.  Looking at what needs to be changed to fix this problem.


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