Johnson City Partners


Officers:    President:       Julie Deemie


Treasurer:       Nick Tarcha

Corres. Sec:    Jim Furman

Recording Sec:  Marcia Ward


Meeting Date: October 10, 2012

Location:  Johnson City Village Hall

Attendees:  Julie Deemie, Marcia Ward,  Barb Thompson,  Dottie Pobocek,, Orin James,  Nick Tarcha, Bruce King


Meeting called to order at 7:10PM

There are not enough officers or members present to vote on any motions. We require 3 officers and 7 members.

Reports: Treasurers report was presented by Nick Tarcha. $1723.35 in the savings account. $404.71 in the checkbook.  Nick paid the PO Box, the Insurance and the Porta-Johns bills.  There is one outstanding check to The Reporter that has not been cashed.


Old Business:

Nick informed us that St. John's Ukrainian Days is July 20, 2012, the same day as Carousel Day.  He suggested that we consider changing Carousel Day to another day, as having two major events in the smae community creates a conflict.  We will check the Chamber of Commerce calendar for other events before and after that weekend and talk about the date at the next meeting.


Barb has been working on the bylaws update and distributed copies with draft suggestions. We had a discussion of Board of Directors, Officers and membership of the organization.  It was discussed that we might not choose to have a Board of Directors, given the size of the Partners membership.

We decided to have a meeting 2 weeks from tonight to concentrate on the bylaws discussion.


JCRP: Julie is keeping and updating a White Board in the Village Hall meeting room with the 10 projects and a checklist of their progress.  She reviewed what has been completed to date.


Julie reported on Windsor's Window on the Arts which was held on Sept. 15. The volunteers from the Partners were Orin James, Jim Furman, Carol Laskowski, Julie and Greg Deemie.


Julie was nominated for an award from the Broome County Arts Council, for her contributions as Chair of Carousel Day.  She is be honored with a Heart of the Arts Award at an Awards Ceremony on Nov 1st at the 2nd floor of Terra Cotta in Binghamton.  Julie and JC Partners will have a presence on the Arts Council website for one year.  We all congratulated Julie for receiving this well-deserved award.


We held a discussion about fund-raising, with suggestions for a yard sale, and another comedy night. Julie stated that we will continue to have the raffle next year, with the drawing to be held at Carousel Day.

Orin is working on advertising for Carousel Day and for JC Partners, with an emphsis on promoting the website.  We need the brochures printed to assist us in obtaining more members.  Bruce will see if he can help us with printing the brochures.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00PM


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