Johnson City Partners

April 10, 2013 Meeting Minutes



Officers:    President:       Julie Deemie

Vice-Pres:      Corinna Johnson


Corres. Sec:    Jim Furman

Recording Sec:  Marcia Ward


Location:  Johnson City Village Hall

Attendees:  Julie Deemie,  Corinna Johnson,  Marcia Ward,  Barb Thompson, Greg Deemie, Carol Laskowski, Orin James


Meeting called to order at 7:03PM

President's announcements: It is the responsibility of all members to contact another member or officer when they miss a meeting, to ask what was discussed at the meeting. The Mayor has told us that we need to conclude our meetings before 9PM.


Meeting Minutes: Minutes of the March 13, 2013 meeting were read.   Corinna made a motion to accept the minutes with one correction, seconded by Barb. Approved with one abstention.

Treasury Report: (submitted by Julie)

Park Fund (Savings) $1859.05

Operating Fund (Checking) $2222.29

A detailed report showing income and expenses in 7 categories was distributed to those attending the meeting. Corinna made a motion to accept the Treasury report, seconded by Orin, approved with one abstention.


Committee Reports:

Membership: Nothing new to report at this time.

Get the Word out: Orin sent dates and times of our meetings to Channel 34 and the Newspaper.

Carousel Day: Julie secured 3 more sponsors: JF Rice Funeral Home, Haylor, Freyer and Coon and Marchuska Brothers. Children's author, Jackie Boulter will read her story twice during the day.

Corinna brought copies of "Triple Cities Carousel", a new publication that promotes local arts events.

The editor will be participating in Carousel Day.

NY Main Street Design Review Committee: Marcia and Julie went to a Metal Fabricator in Harpursville to look at benches and waste cans for the Street scape part of the grant.


Old Business:

Treasurer election: Julie met with Carol to discuss the duties of Treasurer. She is willing to try the position for 3-4 months. Orin said he is not interested in the position.  A motion was made by Orin to accept Carol as Treasurer, seconded by Corinna, approved unanimously.

JC Revitalization Program: Julie updated us on the building projects.

Third Thursday Cruze-Inz: Corinna reported that first event will be May 16th from 5-8PM in the parking lots behind Village Hall. We need volunteers at the public parking lots and to collect raffle tickets. There will be free parking on Main Street.  Belknap Lumber is supplying lumber to support the signs.  Sponsors for the events include UHS, Save-a-lot, Red Robin Diner, Health Beat and Fat Cat Comics.

Bylaws updates: Julie explained that she modified the Mission Statement for the Bylaws. She added to the goals to explain how we will accomplish the Mission.


New Business:

Bylaws Adoption: Barb made a motion that we adopt the Revised Bylaws, seconded by Corinna. The motion was passed unanimously by those present.


Conflict of Interest Policy: Orin made a motion to accept the Conflict of Interest Policy as presented, seconded by Corinna. Motion was passed unanimously. The Officers signed the forms which will be kept on record with the Recording Secretary.


The next Johnson City Partners meeting is May 8, 2013 at 7PM at Village Hall.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:27 PM.


JC Partners Meetings

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Meetings are being held at the Senior Center Library at 30 Brocton Street

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