Johnson City Partners Meeting Minutes

April 22, 2010 - 7pm


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Meeting called to order by Julie Deemie

Attendance sheet passed around

April 22nd meeting minutes passed out and reviewed

Motion made to accept the minutes and place on file - motion passed - unanimous

Reports :

Treasurer’s Report - Bruce went over the yard sale profit and donations (less expenses) total of $433.75 adding to existing balance at HSBC, total balance comes to approximately $660.00 (less any outstanding bills)

Julie went over details of the JC Partners meeting at the Goodwill Theatre on 4/8/10

Julie discussed the village board meeting - village planning on hiring a full time planner and part time code, carousel to open by July 4th (tentative date)

Old Business :

BU market research study will be presented May 6th at the Fire house stage

Julie is researching insurance quotes for the JC Partners

Myron and Ros went over the details of the downtown clean-up upcoming on May 22nd

Window art - Julie discussed the budget the art department requested for the downtown project.  Samples of the student art work passed around for review.

Vote taken on spending a maximum of $300.00 on art supplies for the JC art department to purchase paints and canvas for window displays - vote passed unanimously

Flowers & Planters - Julie talked with Mayor , Bob Bennett is in the process of talking with DOT.   Home Depot is still waiting to hear from the corporate office if they can participate in building the planters.  Some planters are already are adopted and may still be built.

New Business :

Web site - meeting minutes and agendas available on-line at

Julie discussed the Certificate of Incorporation and becoming a 501-3C.

A clean-up at Jennison Park on April 24th & Civic Organization Meeting at Gander Mtn. on April 26th announced

Carousel Day event discussed - July 24th date picked

other details discussed - BC trolley, Radio station, Gift Baskets, Events for kids

Meeting on May 3rd with Ken Jennison (from the JC Code Dept)  at Gander Mtn.

Motion to Adjourn - passed

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