Johnson City Partners

June 12, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Officers:    President:       Julie Deemie

Vice-Pres:      Corinna Johnson

Treasurer:       Carol Laskoski

Corres. Sec:    Jim Furman

Recording Sec:  Marcia Ward


Location:  Johnson City Village Hall

Attendees:  Julie Deemie,  Corinna Johnson,  Marcia Ward,  Barb Thompson,  Orin James, Peggy Benz, Whitney Kukol

Meeting called to order at 7:05PM

Guests Peggy Benz and Whitney Kukol were introduced and welcomed.


Julie reported that Carol Laskoski was aware of this meeting, but is not in attendance. We may need to reconsider Carol as treasurer, since she has not responded to calls.

Julie spoke to Art Coddington and he has not been well due to a fall. He said he is relinquishing his membership.  We sent him a card and Julie offered him assistance from JC Partners members.

Meeting Minutes: Minutes of the May 8, 2013 meeting were read.  Barb made a motion to accept the minutes with one correction, seconded by Orin. Approved unanimously.


Announcements by the President: The IRS sent a confirmation of receipt of the 501c3 application. We will hear from them 90 days from the date of the notice.

Thank yous to: Jim, Marcia, and Greg for helping with the Cruze-Inz signs

Jim, Greg and his brother for repairing and putting out the flower boxes on Main St.

Corinna for working with Sarah Jane Johnson Church who supplied and cared for the flowers and plants until they were put in the boxes.

To those who helped clean up the parking lots before the Cruze-In

Barb, who did some planting in CFJ Park.

Greg, for helping with rack cards, graphics, signs and brochures


Treasury Report: (submitted by Julie)

Park Fund (Savings) $1909.05

Operating Fund (Checking) $3535.56

A detailed report showing income and expenses in 7 categories was distributed to those attending the meeting. We had a profit of $164.50 from the garage sale on Cook Street. Orin made a motion to accept the Treasury report, seconded by Corinna, approved with one abstention.


Committee Reports:

Third Thursday Cruze-Inz: Corinna reported on businesses that have donated items for the raffles, including Health Beat Natural Foods and Southern Tier Auto Care.  Avant Garde Salon will be the June building tour.  The July building tour will be the Goodwill Theater and Firehouse Stage. The August building tour is Sarah Jane Johnson United Methodist Church. The next Cruze-In is June 20 from 5-8 PM. Volunteers should report to Village Hall between 4 and 4:30.

Membership: Barb is working on a brochure that she hopes to have ready for the next Cruze-In.

Get the Word out: Orin will follow up on getting notices of our meetings in the newspaper.

NY Main Street Design Review Committee: The village received bids for a roof on one of John Kuzel's buildings.  The bids are more than twice the allocated amount. The owner has been contacted and advised, as an alternative, he may want to have work done in another building which was also considered for the program.


Old Business:

JC Revitalization Program: Julie reported that, due to efforts of Mayor Deemie,  the $10,000 CDBG money from the Town of Union will be used for a Master Plan for Streetscape Design by Haas Landscape Design, a local Binghamton firm.


New Business:

Julie explained that Barb Thompson was instrumental in writing the revised  bylaws and she is very knowledgeable about our bylaws and parliamentary procedure.  She is proposing that we appoint Barb as JC Partners Parliamentarian.  Corinna made a motion that we appoint Barb as Parliamentarian for an indefinite time period, as long as she is willing. Seconded by Orin and approved with one abstention.

Flower boxes: Most of the flower boxes are being taken care of by businesses or volunteers. Julie will check on Sundays to see how they are doing.

Carousel Day: Julie reported that the food vendors will be Yum Yum Ice Cream, Gramps Funnel Cakes, JC Elks with hamburgers and hot dogs, JC Lions with Salamida's Spiedies, and a Fish Fry Vendor. We are currently at $465 for business ads in the brochure

The live ponies will be here 11-4.  The blacksmith will be here this year and possibly, Bill VanPelt who makes musical instruments..  We could use more business and non-profit vendors to set up tables. We have two authors, Jack Shay, who will be in the history tent and Jackie Boulter, who will do some readings of her children's book. One of our guest vendors will be Chrissy Rex who is a local inventor, who will talk about getting patents.

A church had asked Julie about having a booth, but she explained that we follow the same regulations as JC Field Days which does not allow evangelism, politics or religion.  If a church wanted to participate, it would have to be a non-religious activity.

This is the 90th Anniversary of the Carousel, so we will have some cars from 1923 displayed near the Carousel.  Some classic cars and mustangs will also be on display in the parking lot.

There were 12 entries in the art poster contest for the Carousel Day Poster. Scott and Maureen Haus and Diane Salva were the judges. Julie showed us the Poster with the  winning artwork.


The next Johnson City Partners meeting is July 10, 2013 at 7PM at Village Hall. There will also be a meeting July 24th at 7PM to make final preparations for Carousel Day.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:52 PM.


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