Johnson City Partners

December 11, 2013 Meeting Minutes


Officers:  President: Julie Deemie

 Vice-Pres: Corinna Johnson

Treasurer: Marcia Ward

Corres. Sec: Jim Furman

Recording Sec: Donna Converse


Location:Johnson City Village Hall


Attendees:Julie Deemie, Greg Deemie, Barbara Thompson, Corinna Johnson, Marcia Ward, Donna Converse, Jim Furman unable to attend, no guests

Refreshments served


Meeting called to orderat 7:30 by Julie


Reading and approval of the October 9, 2013 and November 14, 2013 meeting minuteswas held over until the January meeting


Treasury Report: Julie and Marcia- Savings $2,366.18

                                                         Checking $702.50, donation of $45 received

                                                         See detailed report

Committee Reports:

Membership Committee: Barbara- Efforts continue to get the word out about Johnson City Partners. Twenty brochures have been put in the lobby of the library. A suggestion was made to put some at the carousel. We need to update the brochure to reflect the change in officers.

Julie proposed a resolution to change at monthly meeting” was stricken from the original November proposal. Article IV of our bylaws. Currently three (3) officers and two (2) members are required to form a meeting quorum for voting. It is proposed that it be changed to three (3) officers and one (1) member. The phrase “until such time as there are regularly eight (8) members in attendance

Resolution held until formal notification in accordance with bylaws. 

NY Main St. Design Review Committee: Marcia, Julie, and Greg- There was a problem with landscape and sign design at the Veteran’s Park and Dollar General sites because of inappropriate design. The village was granted an extension to complete the Main St. Program.


Old Business:

JC Revitalization Program Update: Julie- 257, 284, and 209 Main Street are very close to completion; 240, 256, and 247 need more time. Tours of the buildings TBA.


New Business:

503(c)(3): Julie- A call was made to check on the progress of the application (submitted April 2013). They are still working on the 2012 applications.

Fundraising: We need to raise funds. Several ideas were discussed including: Polka Night, Tea Party, Craft Fair, Burger King, or Meet the JC Partners event. No decisions were made,

Officer Nominations for 2014- 2015: Current officers and those serving to fill unexpired terms agree to accept nominations for the 2014-2015

Gatherings at the Gazebo: Corinna- Events are going well. Next performance is December 14 with Treasure, and on December 18 Four Hearts will be there.

Third Thursday Cruze-Inz: They will continue to be held the third Thursday during the months of May- September. Corinna agreed to continue to chair and will work on contacting sponsors

Carousel Day: The date is set for July 26, 2014. We need to have an arts vendors meeting.


Next Regular Meeting:Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at 7:00 pm at Village Hall.


Meeting Adjourned: 9:03