Johnson City Partners Meeting Minutes

May 27, 2010

Meeting called to order at 7:05 by Julie Deemie
Attendance sign in sheet passed around
Minutes reviewed and accepted - 1st by Bob Olcott, 2nd by Myron Krajnyk - motion passed

Reports :

Julie discussed the NBT bank account progress

Review of the BU market research presentation on May 10th
  • Cleaner - Safer environment
  • Improve from the outside in
  • Raise awareness of what’s available downtown
  • Presence on Facebook
  • Utilize BU newspaper
  • Set up a booth at the Welcome day at BU
  • Celebration day or Block party
  • Downtown could use an anchor restaurant
  • Strive to become a ‘night spot’ for students - coffee shops, movie theaters ...

Binders with the BU market research are available to be signed out

Julie explains the 501-3C costs and a new program - Cyberassist, which will be available soon at a much lower cost to apply.

Jennison Park clean up on April 24th - many members from the JC Partners helped

Clean and Sweep Day day on May 22nd - 29 Volunteers (9 from Visions) Thanks to Ros and Myron for organizing.  A fall Clean and Sweep day was discussed.

Joint JC Civic Meeting on May 17th

Topics discussed :

  • Raising funds for the JC DARE program - only program left in the area
  • Carousel Day

Village Board Meeting on May 25th

Topics Discussed :

  • New Gazebo
  • Offered to plant flowers around new gazebo before the parade
  • Carousel - updates on construction

Meeting with Ken Jennison at Gander Mountain on May 3rd - discussed problems in the village and different code issues

Julie contacted UHS community relations at Binghamton General to discuss what businesses employees may utilize in the area and also gave them information on the upcoming Carousel Day.

Rental housing and possibly having a rating system in place for rentals available was discussed.

Old Business:

Insurance is secured and will cost approximately $325 for the year and will cover all events

Spring downtown beautification project updates
  • Window art project
  • Home Depot is going to build 20 planters. 10 are already built
  • Julie talked to Agway about a donation for flowers
  • Need volunteers to help finishing planters
  • Lowes gave a 50% discount for the plastic inserts for the planters

New Business:

By-Laws - Motion to accept the By Laws as written - 1st by Jim Furman, 2nd Bob Olcott - passed unanimous

Carousel Day event itinerary discussed, also getting a stage and tents.  June 10th meeting will be more in depth on details for Carousel Day.

Peggy Benz talked about downtown window projects she is working on, contact Peggy if you’re interested in helping

Question and Comments:

Carolyn Laskoski asked about insurance coverage if someone is hurt during the Carousel Day event.

Bob Olcott talked about switching bank accounts for the JC Partners from HSBC to NBT.

Meeting adjourned

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