Johnson City Partners

August 13, 2014 Meeting Minutes


Officers:    President:       Julie Deemie

Vice-Pres:      Corinna Johnson

Treasurer:    Marcia Ward

Corres. Sec:  

Recording Sec: Donna Converse


Location:  Johnson City Village Hall, Conference Room

Attendees:  Julie Deemie,  Corinna Johnson,  Marcia Ward,  Barb Thompson, 

guest: Justin Kovac


Meeting called to order at 7:08PM by Julie

The minutes from the June 11 and July 9 meetings were distributed.  Corinna made a motion to approve the June minutes, seconded by Julie, unanimous approval.  Motion by Corinna to approve the July minutes with some corrections, seconded by Barb, unanimous approval.

Marcia gave the treasurer’s report.  Savings account has $2403.63 and Checking account has $2718.90.

There are still some bills to pay for Carousel Day and expenses for two more Cruze-Inz..

Corinna made a motion to accept and Julie seconded. Unanimous approval


Cruze-In, August 21: Julie gave a set-up map to Corinna, as she and Greg are not able to be there for set-up. Corinna and Barb will be responsible to organize the event set-up. Janet will conduct tours at SJJ Church starting at 6PM. In the Save-a-Lot parking lot JCNP-Team Broome will be selling root beer floats and ice cream sundaes to raise money in memory of Officer David Smith. The money raised will help send people on the Unity Ride next May.

Membership: Barb signed up 3 potential members or volunteers at Carousel Day. She gave them our meeting schedule and Cruze-Inz information.


New York Main Street Grant: The sign for Veterans Park has been completed-Julie will tell us when it will be installed.  We have 8 large planters and 5 medium planters that will be installed permanently at various locations within the target district. They will be filled with bushes, perennial plants and flowers. Julie is working on submitting the final reports for 237 Main and 256 Main as additional testing was required.


Carousel Day follow-up: Julie counted the tickets in each raffle basket to see which were the most popular. #1 was Cacciatore’s, #2 was Summer Fun Basket, #3 was Veterinary Basket, #4 was Automotive basket.


New Business: A discussion of the needs of Johnson City and what we can do to make improvements, as an organization and as individuals.  Many suggestions and recommendations were discussed with references to other villages and cities.

Examples: Armory Square in Syracuse, Mechanicville, NY, Reading, PA.


The next Johnson City Partners meeting is September 10, 2014 at 7:00 PM at Village Hall.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.


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