Johnson City Partners

Meeting Minutes

July 8, 2015


      Officers:   President:         Julie Deemie

Vice-Pres:         Corinna Johnson

Treasurer:        Marcia Ward

Corres. Sec:    

Recording Sec: Donna Converse

      Attendees:Members: Corinna Johnson, Julie Deemie, Barb Thompson, Don McPartland

                                           Arrived late- Donna Converse

      Meeting called to order:at 7:08 pm by Julie, no guests

      Approval of May 13, 2015 minutes- Minutes accepted unanimously as corrected

      June 10 minutes distributed for review and to be acted on at next meeting


      Treasurer’s Report- Marcia: Checking                   *$2,464.91

                                                    Savings                                   3,634.23

                                                    Revitalization Savings              107.51

      *Large sum in checking reflects outstanding Carousel Day and Cruze-Inz expenses to be paid.

      Transfers overviewed from last month, insurance installment paid in full for the year

      Motion to Accept- Corinna; 2nd-Julie: accepted unanimously

      Committee Reports:

Membership Committee- Barb: nothing to report

Third Thursday Cruze-Inz- Held for New Business

Carousel Day Committee- Held for New Business

      Old Business:

      Yard Sale Report- Corinna and Julie: $50.25 earned and put toward the Revitalization Fund

New Business:

Master Gardeners- Julie: Barb, Joe, Mary Ann, and Gail will be meeting with Julie at CFJ Park to weed

Downtown Planter Box concerns- Julie and Corinna: Corinna did a major weeding and clean up, one planter was tipped over, ongoing problems with people not picking up after their dogs

      Cruze-Inz- Corinna: Next event July 16, volunteers needed for lot clean-up the Wednesday before. Carol

      and Barb making calls to develop and e-mail list of volunteers, July’s band- Randy McStine & John


      Carousel Day- Julie: July 25, park clean-up and event set-up July 24 from 6-8:00, volunteers still needed,

      list of vendors distributed, Donna will drop baskets off to Julie’s house.

Our next Regular Meeting will be held Wednesday August 12 @7:00 pm at Village Hall

      Board went into executive session to discuss a confidential matter regarding a sponsor- Motion- Julie,

      2nd- Donna

      Adjournment: 9:26


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