Johnson City Partners

Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2015


Officers:  President:  Julie Deemie

                 Vice President:  Corinna Johnson

                 Treasurer:  Marcia Ward

                 Corresp. Sec.: 

                 Recording Sec.:  Donna Converse


Attendees:  Members:  Julie Deemie, Corinna Johnson, Marcia Ward, Barbara

                                       Thompson, Don McPartland

                     Guests:  Carol Cass, Gloria McCormick

Meeting called to order:  7:04PM

Introductions made:  Guest Gloria McCormick shared remarks regarding her attendance (See “Additional Comment”).

Approval of June 10, 2014 minutes: Motion- Marcia, second-Barb.  Unanimously approved.  Minutes from July 8, 2015 distributed for review, and to be acted on at next meeting.


Treasurer’s Report (Marcia):

                    Checking             $3,033.99

              Park Savings               3,606.23

            Revit. Savings                  165.76

Large sum in checking reflects outstanding expenses to be paid.

Motion to accept report-Julie, Second-Corinna.  Report unanimously accepted.

Committee Reports:

Membership Committee (Barb)-  Nine new volunteer sign ups, three have been contacted, one responded in the affirmative.  Carol has called the volunteers for the next Cruze-In.

Old Business:

CFJ Park Beautification Project (Julie)- Julie shared that she is still waiting to hear from the sign designer, and circulated some diagrams of potential signage for CFJ Park.  She is compiling information and documentation to apply for a “Home Grown Giving” grant.

Julie also requested two volunteers to accompany her to the W and W nursery on August 22nd or 29th to view possible tree selections for CFJ Park.  Barb and Corinna expressed an interest in accompanying her.

Gardening (Barb)- Barb distributed a hand out for Phase I of the master gardeners CFJ Park Landscape Design, listing the most optimal tree selection for CFJ Park as well as best alternatives, and explained her selections.

New Business:

Carousel Day Wrap-up (Julie):

     Funds report- Three donations were made to the CFJ beautification/Carousel Day efforts.  One of a considerable amount which Julie promptly addressed by sending an informal thank you.  A more formal card of gratitude to be mailed to the donor immediately was circulated and signed by all in attendance along with two additional thank you cards for other donors.     Julie also proposed remitting the sum of $100 to the Blacksmith who has demonstrated at several of our Carousel Day events free of charge.  Motion-Corinna,  Second-Don.  Unanimously approved.

     Volunteers- Julie requested addresses of all volunteers to be submitted to her by members such that “Thank yous” can be mailed to them.  Volunteer recognition nominations and awards will be discussed at a later date.

     Raffle baskets- $491.00 was collected from the sale of raffle tickets.  Donna Converse has only requested $35.00 reimbursement for the lottery scratch off tickets purchased.  This leaves $456.00 profit.

     Issues and Concerns- One pony incident.  Inquiries were made of the EMTs stationed at the event.  No concerns were raised.  Ron Heebner expressed concern about garbage can maintenance by the Parks Department, and will pursue this on his own.  The future of Carousel Day was discussed as Julie has stepped down as the event planner and organizer.  Julie has agreed to meet with possible replacements should any come forward.  It was agreed that any such candidate should become a member of the group.  Further discussion is necessary.

Cruze-In August 20th

     Sign removed from Vitali billboard and mounted on the larger sign board on Airport Road.  Sign materials were purchased for Julie to add dates.

     Volunteers- To arrive between 4 and 4:30 PM.   Corinna will call to order pizza at 3PM, and Marcia will pick up and deliver pizza to event at 4:30PM.

     Lot clean-up- Corinna will pick up on Wednesday morning.  Julie has left bags and gloves at Village Hall.

     Band (Distant Thunder), Equinox Broadcasting, etc.- Corinna has contacted the band to confirm, and will contact again with setup time.  Corinna will contact Equinox Cool 100 to work on radio commercial, and contact the CHOW bus to invite them to set up a Farmer’s Market at the event.  This was suggested by Gloria.

Additional Comments:

     Guest, Gloria McCormick, shared suggestions for the use of the Carousel at CFJ Park as well as concerns about various areas in the Village of Johnson City.  She was referred to the appropriate authorities and sources for these particular matters.

     Carol  has volunteered to maintain the Partners website, and Corinna will contact Mark Urban about the 2015 Carousel Day video.

Our next regular meeting will be  Wednesday September 9 @ 7PM at Village Hall

Adjournment:  8:55PM


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