Johnson City Partners

Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2015


Officers:  President:  Julie Deemie

                 Vice president:  Corinna Johnson

                 Treasurer:  Marcia Ward

                 Corresp. Sec.: 

                 Recording Sec.:  Donna Converse

Attendees:  Members:  Julie Deemie, Corinna Johnson, Marcia Ward, Barbara Thompson

                     Guests:  Carol Cass

Meeting called to order:  7:02 PM

Approval of July 8, 2014 minutes: Motion to approve as corrected- Julie, second-Marcia.  Unanimously approved.  Minutes from August 12, 2015 distributed for review, and to be acted on at next meeting.


Treasurer’s Report (Marcia):

                    Checking             $2,231.43

              Park Savings               5,096.51

            Revit. Savings                  190.67

Large sum in checking reflects outstanding expenses to be paid.

Motion to accept report-Corinna, Second-Julie.  Report unanimously accepted.

Committee Reports:

Membership Committee (Barb)-  Carol Cass is officially a new member.

Old Business:

Carousel Day Thank yous (Julie)- Julie is finishing up thank you cards for sponsors and volunteers with some assistance from Barb and Corinna.

Carousel Day Coordinator Search- Barb has reached out to Joani Kaiser of the United Way  who will recommend candidates from her volunteers when things “slow down” from the September rush.  Barb also contacted a group called “RSVP”, but has not had a reply yet.   Barb recommended that the coordinator come from Johnson City.  Corinna advised against temporary volunteers such as students and/or Americorp workers for this position.  Carol Cass offered a number of suggestions in terms of  groups and individuals to approach.

Web site news (Julie)-Julie reported that Jim Furman is willing to continue as our corresponding secretary.  It was highly recommended that Carol Cass remain as a back up for the position as well as a proofreader and innovations designer.  Carol will submit a list of updates to Julie, and the Main Street Plan will also be revisited.

CFJ Beautification Project-update (Barb and Julie)-Julie and Barb went to the W and W Nursery on August 29th.  They were advised against the Freeman maples they’d been considering because of splitting caused by rapid growth.  Burgundy Bell maples were recommended as a more viable candidate for our circumstances/conditions, and were also more affordable.  Barb and Corinna will arrange a trip to Hillside Gardens to explore alternatives, and solicit expert advice from their gardening professionals.  Barb also recommended that we get insights from the Department of Public Works (DPW) regarding planting situations and the landscaping history of CFJ Park.  Julie has been tending the bushes at Veteran’s Park, and brought to our attention that they are perishing.  With extra efforts, we are hoping to revive them.

New Business:

New Initiative on Main Street (Julie):  Julie introduced an idea to begin weekly weeding and clean up efforts on Main Street to begin in the Spring.  One day each week a JC Partner along with one volunteer would spend an hour working on the tree boxes, picking up litter, and sweeping.   Julie suggested approaching the Village board to hire Thoma Development Consultants to apply for another Main Street grant.  Julie also intends to approach the Village board about having the DPW spray wash the downtown walks and approaches to rid them of debris from winter weather.

Fall Downtown Clean-up/Police Building weeding:  Julie will contact the JCPD/Police Benevolent Association about a collaborative clean-up effort on October 24th, and inform JC Partners directly.  Whereupon, Carol and Corinna will promote the event.  Barb will arrange/contact volunteers.  Julie will arrange for supplies and refreshments.

 Cruze-In Thursday September 17th:  Barb will arrange volunteers based upon the same schedule for the August Cruze-In which was cancelled due to rain.  Corinna will clean the lots on Wednesday, contact the Scott Freeman band and Equinox broadcasting, and call Chubby’s for the pizza which Marcia will pick up and deliver.

Additional Comments:  None

Our next regular meeting will be  Wednesday October 14 @ 7PM at Village Hall

Adjournment:  8:47PM


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