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Regular Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2015


      Volunteer Honorees’ Reception 7:00- Refreshments were served

      2014 Volunteer Recognition Awards Ceremony 7:30

      Volunteers were welcomed and Corinna delivered comments regarding 2014 volunteers and JCP

      accomplishments. Mayor Deemie presented the awards on behalf of Julie to the following



                           Pat Gennarelli- 2014 Cruze Inz Volunteer Award

                           Ron and Patti Heebner- 2014 Carousel Day Volunteer Award

                                                           and 2014 Heart of the Village Award

                           Joe Ryan and Don McPartland were co- recipients of JCP 2014 Volunteer Awards


      Regular Meeting Call to order: 7:45 p.m. by Corinna

      Attendees: Greg Deemie, Marcia Ward, Barb Thompson, Corrina Johnson, Donna Converse,

      Don McPartland

      Julie Deemie out of town

      Reading and approval of the November 12, 2014 meeting minutes- held until the January 28



      Treasury Report –Marcia Checking Account                                  $1552.09

                                                Savings Account (Park Fund)                $3010.74

                                                Savings Account ( Revitalization Fund)    $95.60

      Motion to accept: Greg    

      Second: Corinna


Committee Reports:

Membership Committee: Barbara suggested combining a volunteer recruitment event with a stakeholders meeting. Venues were discussed. Discussion to continue at future meetings.

Cruize-Inz: Corinna reported that some previous sponsors are reducing their level of contribution or not able to donate at all this year. A band has been secured for the month of May. Raffles will be for car owners only this year.


Old Business:

Master Gardeners Report – Barbara reported that 3 of the 6 master gardeners met with Julie on December 17, and on January 13 the team brainstormed ideas. On January 20 they will be meeting at CFJ Park for planning. Concern was raised that we need to select varieties that would be low maintenance. We need to further discuss how JCP wants to allocate funds.

New Business:

2015 Meeting dates were distributed

Carousel Day to be held on July 25,  2015

Additional Comments

A Special Meeting will be held Wednesday January 28, 2014 @7:00 pm at Village Hall.

Agenda to include nomination of officers for the coming year.

Adjournment: 8:40


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