Johnson City Partners

Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2015


Officers:    President:        Julie Deemie

Vice-Pres:        Corinna Johnson

Treasurer:        Marcia Ward

Corres. Sec:    

Recording Sec: Donna Converse

Location:Sarah Jane Johnson Church (Main Street Café)

Attendees:Members: Marcia Ward, Barb Thompson, Donna Converse, Corinna Johnson,

     Don McPartland, Deb Fuller                   

Meeting called to order:at 6:07 by Corinna

Approval of the January 28, 2015 meeting minutes- Motion: Corinna; 2nd Marcia; carried

     Distributed the Feb. 11, 2015 meeting minutes for review. Bring corrections to the next meeting

Annual Conflict of Interest forms-Held, to be collected at the April 15th meeting       


     Treasurer’s Report- Checking             $1.592.09

                                      Savings                 3,010.74

                                      Revitalization Acct.   95.60

       Audit Update- Deb Fuller completed the yearly audit

Committee Reports:

Membership Committee: Barbara- nothing to report

Third Thursday Cruze-Inz Committee: Corinna- There has been a drop in sponsorship. Letters are being sent to all former sponsors. New sponsor letters and discount card letters are also in progress. Negotiations are underway with Southern Tier Auto Care. Scott Freeman Band has been confirmed for September.

Carousel Day Committee: Julie (absent)

6 of 8 previous sponsors secured, 1 band contracted, juggler, train and blacksmith scheduled, food vendors and previous art vendors notified. Business and art vendor applications are on the web site.

Old Business:

Master Gardeners Update: Barbara- Barb and Julie met with the Master Gardeners on Feb. 14 and again with Mary Ann Mayzar on March 4. They hope to present in April.

April 20 or 27th Stakeholders Meeting: Marcia (date and guest speakers in process) Binghamton University has been contacted and they are receptive to attending

New Business:

 BU grant opportunity – Corinna has applied for a Philanthropy Grant through Binghamton University.

 Finalists will be interviewed at the beginning of April.


Additional Comments- none

Our next Regular Meeting will be held Wednesday April 15 @7:00 pm at Village Hall

 Adjournment: 7:16


JC Partners Meetings

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