Johnson City Partners

Meeting Minutes

April 15, 2015


Officers:    President:        Julie Deemie

Vice-Pres:        Corinna Johnson

Treasurer:        Marcia Ward

Corres. Sec:    

Recording Sec: Donna Converse

Attendees:Members: Marcia Ward, Barb Thompson, Donna Converse, Corinna Johnson,

      Guests: Mary Ann Massar, Rosalie Spencer, Gail Wadin, Frank Kirk

Meeting called to order:at 7:02 by Julie

Approval of the February 11, 2015 meeting minutes- held until May 13 meeting, distributed March 11, 2015 minutes,


      Treasurer’s Report- Checking              $1.590.79

                                      Savings                  3,011.11

                                      Revitalization Acct.  113.92  

      Motion to approve: Donna; 2nd Corinna- carried         

      President’s remarks- Julie also distributed a full treasury report with checking broken into 5 line items as  


                                    Planter Fund                           $ - 4.67

                                    Carousel Day Fund                  135.38 (($100 to be transferred to CFJ Park Fund)

                                    Treasure Dig Game                  112.12

                                    JC 3rd Thursday Cruize Inz     565.67

                                    JCP Budget (General Fund)   755.54 

      Julie has also applied for a Constitution Pipeline Community Grant for CFJ Beautification Project

Welcome Master Gardeners

A comprehensive report was presented by team leader, Mary Ann Massar, outlining recommendations for the CFJ Park Beautification Plan. Our next step is to present this information to the village board.

Committee Reports:

Membership Committee: Barbara has been making some phone calls to past members

Third Thursday Cruze-Inz Committee: Corinna- Things are firming up. We still need more sponsors. Complimentary raffles will be for the participation car owners only. We will not be selling raffle tickets to the public.

Carousel Day Committee: Julie All returning sponsors have committed money.

Presentation of this year’s budget

Old Business:

Master Gardeners Update: Barbara was thanked for her part in coordinating things with the Master Gardeners

Stakeholders Meeting: Marcia- Binghamton University President will be attending. The meeting is set for

Monday, May 11 at Village Hall. JCP will provide refreshments.     

New Business:

Grant Opportunity Protocol- Establishment of an e-mailing protocol was discussed.

Cruze-Inz- The first event will be Thursday, May 21- 5:00 to 8:00, There is no news on additional sponsors.       


Additional Comments- none

Our next Regular Meeting will be held Wednesday May 13 @7:00 pm at Village Hall

 Adjournment: 9:22


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