Johnson City Partners

February 11 Annual Meeting Minutes

Officers: President: Julie Deemie

Vice-Pres: Corinna Johnson
Treasurer: Marcia Ward
Corres. Sec:
Recording Sec: Donna Converse

Location: Johnson City Village Hall, Conference Room

Attendees: Julie Deemie, Corinna Johnson, Marcia Ward, Barb Thompson
(3 officers and 1 member present)

Meeting called to order at 7:11PM by Julie

Treasurer’s report: The annual Treasury audit is in the process of being completed by Deb Fuller. She will complete it and sign the report within the next week.

Voting for officers was conducted using paper ballots. Barb Thompson counted the ballots as the only member present who was not listed on the ballot.

Results of the Election: President: Julie Deemie

Vice-President: Corinna Johnson
Treasurer: Marcia Ward
Recording Secretary: Donna Converse

All those who were elected agreed to accept the position. Julie asked those present to accept the results
of the election. The slate of officers was unanimously accepted.

Julie conducted a brief ceremony to honor Barb Thompson in recognition of 5 years of continuous service to Johnson City Partners. She presented Barb with a Certificate of Recognition.

Julie also thanked Corinna and Marcia for their service to JC Partners.

The Annual Meeting was adjourned at 7:26PM.


February 11, 2015 Regular meeting of Johnson City Partners 


Meeting was called to order by Julie Deemie at 7:27 PM.

Attendees: Julie Deemie, Corinna Johnson, Marcia Ward, Barb Thompson

Minutes of previous meetings: Minutes from Nov. 12, 2014 and Jan 14, 2015 meetings were reviewed.

Corrections: CCE should be spelled out to Cornell Cooperative Extension

Remove “the” before Julie’s name

Cruze-Inz-not all bands are secured-only the May band is set

Corinna moved to accept the minutes from the two meetings, with the corrections. Seconded by Marcia, unanimous approval. January 28 minutes were distributed-make corrections and bring to the next meeting to be voted on.

Treasurer’s report: Marcia reported that the checking account has $1592.09

Savings account has $3010.74

Revitalization savings account has $95.60

Corinna moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, Barb seconded, unanimous approval.

Julie read a note written by Brent Dodge, the new JC Chief of Police, that thanked JC Partners for our
clean-up efforts in downtown JC last November. The PBA offered to help with clean-up at our next
scheduled event.

Barb talked about the Master Gardeners and said that Mary Ann, the leader of the group, wanted further clarification of the plan they are working on for CFJ Park. This Saturday, Feb 14 at noon, Julie and Barb will meet with the group of Master Gardeners to discuss the plan and try to clarify the expectations. We discussed the use of our funds for horticulture, benches, grills, etc. No specific decisions were made regarding the Park Funds at this time.

Cruze-Inz: Corinna is giving previous sponsors until Feb 20 to respond regarding 2015 events. Then she will start contacting other businesses for donations. We have Ricky and the Blue Shadows for May and the Toy Box Trophies for June. We are waiting to see how much money we receive before making final decisions on other bands. We discussed a discount card that we will distribute at the Cruze-Inz. We will charge businesses $10 for 5 months-there will be a different colored card each month with a
specific discount printed on the card. We will print 80-100 cards each month, depending on the level of interest.

Carousel Day: Julie reported that the trackless Train is returning. Most of the sponsors are coming back-about half have responded. Julie is working on music, entertainment and food vendors. She was contacted by a t-shirt vendor. E-mail Julie with ideas for messages we would want on the t-shirts.

Julie spoke at the Greater Binghamton Chamber Breakfast meeting on Feb. 5, about the Main Street Grant and revitalization efforts in downtown Johnson City. Mayor Rich David from Binghamton also spoke at the meeting about his city’s efforts.

Next meeting is March 11, 2015

Meeting was adjourned at 9:02PM


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