Johnson City Partners

February 10, 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

Officers: President: Julie Deemie
                Vice­Pres: Corinna Johnson
               Treasurer: Marcia Ward
               Corres. Sec:
               Recording Sec: Donna Converse
Location: Johnson City Village Hall, Conference Room
Attendees: Julie Deemie, Corinna Johnson, Marcia Ward, Barb Thompson,
Donna Converse, (4 officers and 1 member present), Guest­ Bruce King
Meeting called to order at 7:06PM by Julie
Treasurery Audit: Bruce King completed the audit for 2015. He reported his findings and recommendations for the current year and provided a signed treasury audit form for 2015.
Voting for officers was conducted using paper ballots. Julie Deemie counted the ballots.
Results of the Election: President: Donna Converse
                                          Vice­President: Corinna Johnson
                                          Treasurer: Marcia Ward
                                          Corresponding Secretary: Carol Cass
                                          Recording Secretary: Marcia Ward
All those who were elected agreed to accept the position. The conflict of interest forms were collected. They will be read at the March meeting by the officers. The Secretary will hold the forms.
Julie conducted a brief ceremony to recognize Corinna Johnson and Marcia Ward for 5 years of continuous service to Johnson City Partners. She also presented Greg Deemie with a certificate for "The Heart of the Village Award" for the support he has provided to Johnson City Partners.
The Annual Meeting was adjourned at 7:20PM.
February 10, 2016 Regular meeting of Johnson City Partners
Meeting was called to order by President Donna Converse at 7:24 PM.
Attendees: Julie Deemie, Corinna Johnson, Marcia Ward, Barb Thompson, Donna Converse
Minutes of previous meetings: Minutes from Dec, 9, 2015 were reviewed and corrections discussed.
Corinna moved to accept the minutes, with corrections. Seconded by Julie, unanimous approval.
Treasurer’s report: Will be given in March, due to Bruce King having the treasurer’s records for the past 2 weeks.
Cruze­Inz: Corinna said there is $441.63 left in the budget from 2015. She emailed the following bands to ask if they wish to participate this year:
Distant Thunder ­ No
Ricky and the Blue Shadow ­ Yes
Orange Blossom Special ­ Yes
Scott Freeman Band ­ Yes
Rich Wilson ­No response
Corinna sent sponsor letters to businesses and has heard back positively from Save­a­Lot, Health Beat, Marusich and Conti and Hatala Orthodontics. Businesses have until April 30, 2016 to respond.
We need to change the signs to read fourth Thursdays. Julie will check on pricing for the Cruze­Inz signs to determine if we will re­paint them or purchase new signs. We will have one placed on Airport Road and one on Main Street at the UHS parking lot.
Corinna said the CHOW Farmer’s Market bus will come to each Cruze­In.
She is talking with Abbey who owns the "Traveling Food Apothecary" about selling sandwiches and fries.
Donna talked about the possibility of a group from JC Schools giving donated books to children who attend Cruze­Inz.
Corinna reported on "Gatherings at the Gazebo" that were held in December, 2015, with groups singing Christmas Carols. For this year, she will ask groups who have participated in the past 2 years, but not those who did not show up.
CFJ Park Beautification Project:
Barb and Julie discussed the progress of the project. We are inviting the Master Gardener Group to the next meeting on March 9th. The project will be presented at the Village Board meeting on March 15th. We need approval from the Trustees for the work to begin.
We need Bob Bennett from DPW to mark where the trees can be planted.
Barb suggested we invite the press to come when the tree planting is initiated.
We can explain that 6 years of Carousel Day have raised the funds for the trees and no taxpayer money is being used.
Julie suggested that bicycle racks be installed near the parking lot and near the Carousel. Corinna will check if there is anyplace that will donate free bike racks.
Julie said we need to update the website with new officers and inform people of no Carousel Day this year.
We discussed writing a letter to the editor for the Press and Sun Bulletin about there being no Carousel Day this year. Corinna will draft a letter and we can have input. We would submit it sometime in May.
We discussed the downtown JC cleanup schedule for April through October, 2016. Each active member will take every 5th week and find at least one other volunteer to help with the cleanup of the downtown area. Julie is working on the schedule for us to follow. Corinna has talked to Save­a­Lot about keeping some supplies in one of their closets.
Marcia reported there will be a meeting at BU regarding the Pharmacy School on Feb 17 at 1PM. She and Corinna will plan to attend.
Next meeting is March 9, 2016
Meeting was adjourned at 8:54PM

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