Johnson City Partners

March 9, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Officers: President: Donna Converse

Vice-Pres: Corinna Johnson
Treasurer: Marcia Ward
Corres. Sec: Carol Cass
Recording Sec: Marcia Ward

Location: Johnson City Village Hall, Conference Room
Attendees: Donna Converse, Julie Deemie, Corinna Johnson, Marcia Ward, Barb Thompson,

Guests- Rosalie Spencer, Frank Kirk

Meeting called to order at 7:01PM by Donna

The minutes from the January 13, 2016 meeting were discussed. A few corrections from Julie and Corinna. Corinna made a motion to accept with corrections, seconded by Julie. Unanimous approval.

Treasurer’s Report: Checking account: $1860.65

Park savings account: $5217.70

Revitalization savings: $188.71

Cruze-Inz: Corinna reported on the bands she has secured for each month:

May - Ricky and the Blue Shadows
June - Orange Blossom Special
July - Reprise
August - Scott Freeman Band
September - Rich Wilson -No reply yet

Corinna received positive responses from 3 businesses regarding sponsorship of Cruze-Inz. Donna is asking Johnson City School officials about book donations and the book mobile. Corinna will check with author Jacqui Boulter about being at our May event for a book signing of her Carousel Book.  We will ask the Grabowskis who own Bulls Eye signs if they will donate 2 new signs for Cruze-Inz, in exchange for sponsorship. We need to update the website about 2016 Cruze-Inz dates.

Carousel Day: It was suggested we submit a letter to the editor in May about Carousel Day not being held this year. Julie updated our website and sent a letter to all sponsors and some bands and vendors that we would not be having Carousel Day this year.

Old Business: Clean-up of the downtown area. Save a Lot will keep our supplies in a storage area at the store. We will have gloves, garbage bags, shovels, vests and other supplies as needed there. Marcia made a motion for Julie to purchase vests and gloves up to $80. Seconded by Barb and approved. Julie will type up a schedule for us and map of areas to focus on. She will also provide a sheet with safety rules for volunteers.

Corinna and Marcia attended a town hall meeting at Binghamton University about the Pharmacy School which is being built on Corliss Ave in Johnson City. Gloria Meredith, Dean of the School was the speaker. They spoke to her after the presentation about planning another meeting with business
owners and residents in Johnson City. Corinna will email the Dean and provide her contact information.


CFJ Park Beautification Project:
Rosalie and Frank were at the meeting, representing the Master Gardeners who are helping us with this project. Barb and Julie will meet with Bob Bennet, DPW, in March attend a Village Board meeting in April to present the project. We voted to plant four trees this year, one in the spring and three in the fall.

Conflict of Interest forms: These forms were submitted by all members. Donna read the forms provided by the officers. They will be filed with the secretary.
Julie reported on the annual filings that are required for JC Partners as a 501c3 organization. These include NYS Attorney General’s office, the IRS and the NYS Sales Tax Authority. We will not be selling any more taxable items, so Julie will send in the appropriate form.

The flower boxes that were on Main Street are now stored at the DPW-there are 17-18, depending on the condition and we need to do something with them. We could gift them to businesses that are interested, but they would need to take care of the boxes and move them from the sidewalks in
Donna asked us to follow email protocol that will help decrease the number of emails that everyone receives. Only “reply all” when necessary and change the subject line if the subject of the email changes. Donna will send out emails for the meetings, so that she will get replies about attendance. We discussed finding a new location for the meetings, to change the perception that we are associated with the JC Village government or receiving funds from the village. Suggestions were: the JC Senior Center, Sarah Jane Methodist Church, and the Goodwill Theatre. Julie asked that we not meet at a
religious site. We will need handicap accessibility.

The next meeting is Wed. April 13 th at 7PM at JC Village Hall.

Julie made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Barb seconded. Approved and adjourned at 9:05PM.


JC Partners Meetings

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