Johnson City Partners

July 20, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Officers: President: Donna Converse

Vice-Pres: Corinna Johnson
Treasurer: Marcia Ward
Corres. Sec: Carol Cass
Recording Sec: Marcia Ward


Location: Johnson City Senior Citizens Center, Library
Attendees: Donna Converse, Julie Deemie, Corinna Johnson, Barb Thompson, Marcia Ward Regina Taylor, Gloria McCormick
Meeting called to order at 7:10 PM by Donna
Donna asked for ideas to keep the meeting within a shorter time frame, in an effort to encourage new people to come to our monthly meetings. Donna asked for estimated times for tonight’s agenda items and committee reports.
The minutes from the May 11, 2016 meeting were discussed. Julie made a motion to accept the minutes with corrections, seconded by Corinna. Unanimous approval.

Treasurer’s Report: Account bank statements as of June 30, 2016 

Checking account: $ 1655.58
Park savings account: $5218.99
Revitalization savings: $188.75


Corinna made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Barb, unanimous approval.

Membership: Barb called some people to remind them about the meeting tonight. At the Cruze-In, she will have membership and volunteer information at the table. Donna said she will work on revising our membership brochure. Julie will ask Greg to send her the electronic file of the current brochure. 

Cruze-Inz: Reprise will be playing at the July 28th Cruze-In. Red’s Kettle Inn will donate pizzas for the volunteers. Yum-Yum may be there with food and drinks.
Donna wrote a letter to the Town of Dickinson about our Cruze-Inz sign on Airport Road being removed and destroyed. She has not received a reply yet.

Old Business: Downtown Clean-up-Julie said we will try to get a large container of cayenne pepper for the tree boxes to keep the dogs from using them. There may be village-owned mulch at Boland Park which can be used in the tree boxes. We may want to consider this for the future. Wild flowers have been planted in some of the tree boxes-we think it is a person who lives behind the M&T Bank building. Donna suggested that we try to get people to “adopt a tree box” next year through social media.

CFJ Park Project-Barb and Don did some digging in one area to conduct a percolation test of the soil. The village DPW might have to do some excavation to determine where we can plant the trees. Julie will be in touch with Bob Bennet, DPW and W&W Nursery regarding the tree planting. The
recommendation is to plant in the Spring of 2017.

Additional Comments: Donna received an email from Marissa Lamphere at the Broome County Health Dept. about Smoke Free Broome. They have programs to prevent youth smoking. Donna will contact her and refer her to Corinna and the groups she is involved with. Corinna said that we used to list Village meetings on our website, but decided to remove them to avoid appearing political. She is suggesting that we list the various JC Village meetings, as well as other meetings and events in Johnson City.
We discussed using kids (minors) as volunteers for some of our clean-up and other activities. The concern has always been liability and insurance coverage. Donna will call our insurance agent at Haylor, Freyer and Coon and ask about our insurance policy related to activities and who is covered. Corinna suggested that we consider a JC Partners Scholarship to be given to a JCHS graduating Senior. We would have to decide how much we could budget, but it could be as little as $50.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:48PM.

The next meeting is August 17, 2016 at the JC Senior Citizens Center.


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