Johnson City Partners

September 21, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Officers: President: Donna Converse

Vice-Pres: Corinna Johnson
Treasurer: Marcia Ward
Corres. Sec: Carol Cass
Recording Sec: Marcia Ward

Location: Johnson City Senior Citizens Center, Library

Attendees: Donna Converse, Julie Deemie, Corinna Johnson, Barb Thompson, Marcia Ward, Carol Cass, Don McPartland, Regina Ross

Meeting called to order at 7:00PM by Donna
The minutes from the July 20, 2016 meeting were discussed. Unanimous approval with a few corrections.


Treasurer’s Report:

Checking account: $ 1586.58
Park savings account: $5218.99
Revitalization savings: $188.75

Marcia read a letter from the Town of Dickinson supervisor, that accompanied the check for $119.50 to reimburse JC partners for the Cruze-In sign that was removed from Airport Road and destroyed. Marcia also read a letter from Williams that was sent with the check for $2500 that was awarded to JC Partners to be used for the CFJ Park Beautification Project.

CFJ Park Project: Julie reported that Bob Bennett, DPW, will install concrete slabs for the benches. We discussed whether JC Partners should vote on accepting the grant money from Williams for the benches. Donna stated that she would prefer not putting this to a vote, since the grant has been
awarded. She recommended that our procedure should be to vote on any grant applications prior to completing the paperwork, from this day forward. If there is a time deadline between meetings, the officers should be contacted by email and they will decide whether to apply for the grant. Julie said the grant money will allow us to purchase three benches, identical to the benches already at CFJ Park.
Bob Bennett has been asked to do more digs in the park to determine where we can plant the trees.

Membership: Barb called volunteers for the Cruze-In this month. She said she wants to step down from calling volunteers for our events. Donna, Corinna and Julie thanked Barb for her assistance with Carousel Day, Cruze-Inz and other activities. Carol Cass said that she can take over making phone
calls to volunteers. Regina and Corinna offered to help.


Cruze-Inz: We are dedicating the September Cruze-In to Veterans. Rich Wilson is the performer. . Corinna is collecting and organizing the raffle items. Regina will conduct the 50/50 raffle and ½ will go to the veterans, rather than JC Partners. We will also have a donation can for veterans.

Old Business: Downtown Clean-up will be scheduled for Sat. October 22 from 9-11. We will meet at the Red Robin for coffee and cocoa before the clean-up. Rain date will be Oct 29.

Marcia reported on the PAST program held at the Firehouse Stage last night. Elise Johnson-Schmidt, a preservation architect from Corning talked about downtown revitalization, using upper floors and economic development. There were 12 people who attended. Elise offered to return if we can find a
time to offer the program when more building owners will attend.
Carol and Corinna are investigating what programs are currently available for people to get rid of their old medications. They are checking with pharmacies and the police dept. to find out options for village residents to dispose of meds properly.

New Business: There is an event at BU on Oct 6 at 11AM for community groups to talk to students and inform them of volunteer opportunities. Corinna and Carol will be there for the Dream Center and have offered to provide space for info about JC Partners and to sign up for the Clean-up day on October 22.
Corinna told us about a Trunk or Treat event being sponsored by JCNP and the PBA on Halloween, Oct. 31 at the Firehouse Stage parking lot. We discussed participating in this event, but because it is held on Halloween, we all wanted to be at our own homes that night.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:18PM.

The next meeting is October 19, 2016 at 7:00PM at the JC Senior Citizens Center.


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