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June 24, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order:

Attendance sheets/Membership forms passed around

Minutes from the May 27,2010 meeting reviewed

Julie discusses Roberts Rules of Order proper meeting conversations

Motion to accept Meeting Minutes 1st by Peggy Benz 2nd by Greg Deemie - motion passed

Bruce clarifies Roberts Rules of Order on proper voting, 1st - 2nd - then discussion prior to voting


Bruce King reviews financial report - (copy placed on file)

Julie states that an audit needed to be done by June 30th and appoints Bob & Cindy to oversee audit - Bob informs that he will be out of town July 10-17

Julie reviewed the Carousel Day budget

Motion to accept the Carousel Day budget - 1st by Bob Olcott 2nd by Jim Furman - motion passed unanimous

Old Business:

Flower planter progress -

    • Julie got permission from the Lyon's Club to plant the remaining flowers at People's Park
    • Cindy contacted Bob Bennett to have the village use their truck to put out planters
    • Planter placement also discussed - Arch Street to Ave A

Carousel Day food permit & tax authority

    • application has been done and should be in shortly
    • Carol said she spoke with the Elk's in regards to how many hot dogs would be needed.
    • Julie asked who had completed the food permits application and if not they need to be done by Monday

New Business:

JC Field Days vs. 1 Day event downtown with BU students was discussed, with many different ideas brought up.

Carousel Day event planning

    • Popcorn - amount to get / cost per bag - discussed
    • Elks will serve burgers,  hot dogs and salt potatoes
    • Sertoma will serve cold drinks
    • Boy Scouts will possibly serve water
    • Lion's Club will serve baked goods
    • K of C will serve chicken - will check for sure if there are any extras
    • Visions coloring contest - 9 prizes
    • Sponsor booths - Jerry Harrison Financial, NY Life, Martin Family Chiropractor - Electric Needed
    • Traditional Blacksmithing Demo is set up
    • Greg still working on Yo-Yo demonstration
    • Cool 100 will be doing a promotion before and during event
    • Jug Fish band will perform -  Greg and Julie went to see a performance at Sidelines
    • Gift baskets - Julie checked status with members on how they are making out with area businesses for donations.
    • Volunteers - asked members to volunteer to certain time slots
    • BC Trolley - discussed - bus routes, time at each stops.  etc.
    • Information table - schedules, raffle items
    • PA system is at DPW for the re-dedication
    • Hinchey, Lupardo, Libous, Fiala, Hannon invited
    • Pop-up tents needed - Bruce King said he may be able to get a 20'x20'
    • Need help putting up banners by the 30th

Julie read & discussed the 'Broken Window Theory'

Julie asks Peggy about a possible clean up on Hudson, Harrison, Baldwin Street areas, and will check into further information.

The NYS Division of Health & Safety was brought up and whether they need to be contacted before the event

Meeting adjourned

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