Johnson City Partners

December 14, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Officers:      President: Donna Converse

Vice-Pres: Corinna Johnson

Treasurer: Marcia Ward

Corres. Sec: Carol Cass

Recording Sec: Marcia Ward

Location: Johnson City Senior Citizens Center, Library
Attendees: Donna Converse, Julie Deemie, Corinna Johnson, Marcia Ward, Rob Egan


Meeting called to order at 7:08PM by Donna
The minutes from the October 19, 2016 meeting were discussed. Unanimous approval with a few


Treasurer’s Report: Marcia did not have a complete treasurer’s report, as some transfers need to be
made into the checking account and we need to pay for the Bumble Bee equipment and the concrete for
the CFJ Park Project. Julie reported that according to her records, the general fund for JCP is $671.57.
She recommended that we need to talk about doing some fund-raising in 2017.


Corinna discussed our attempt to find someone to take over as Chair of Carousel Day. She has not
received any positive responses to be Chair.


Gatherings at the Gazebo is cancelled for this Thursday due to the cold weather. The Saturday
program will be held as scheduled. Carol sent a PSA to Clear Channels and Corinna contacted
Bingpop. There has not been a big attendance at the Gazebo, but many people drive by and open their
car windows to hear the music. Rob suggested that we might consider starting “Gatherings” on Small
Business Saturday, the Saturday after Thanksgiving.


Donna thanked Rob for his input regarding Facebook and how to increase the number of likes. He also
provided ideas that will help promote our events.


Julie suggested we consider e-mailing a newsletter from JCP to business owners in the downtown area
about activities and events.
We discussed planning another meeting for business and building owners in the downtown to update
them on the Pharmacy School, the BU Nursing School and Regan Development.


CFJ Park: The Bumble Bee Ride-on equipment was delivered to DPW. Julie looked at it and it was in
good condition. Julie talked to DPW employees about the tree locations. She sent a thank you to
Williams for the grant money for the benches and gave permission to use the photo, if desired.


Cruze-Inz: Carol sent thank you letters to all sponsors and donators that contributed to Cruze-Inz this
year. There was some discussion about another location, since we are not attracting JC residents to
downtown, which was one of our goals. CFJ Park or another downtown location were suggested.


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