Johnson City Partners

August 9, 2017 Meeting Minutes


Officers:          President:           Donna Converse

                        Vice-Pres:           Corinna Johnson

                        Treasurer:           Marcia Ward

                        Corres. Sec.:       Carol Cass

                        Recording Sec:  Carol Cass


Location:         Johnson City Senior Citizens Center, Library

Attendees:       Corinna Johnson, Marcia Ward, Tammy Pornbeck, Julie Deemie, Carol Cass


Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by Corinna


The minutes from the June meeting were reviewed. 

Julie motion to approve minutes as corrected.

Marcia 2nd



Treasurer’s Report:

                                    Checking account:          $1832.19

                                    Park savings account:    $747.96

                                    Revitalization savings:    $128.78


Julie presented receipts for $11.96 to Marica for reimbursement.

Julie presented receipts and donations to Marcia for plants on Main Street and Cruz-In purchases. ($20.10)


Carousel Day discussion – In 2018 Johnson City Rotary will do the entire event.  JCP will be available for a few questions.


Cruze-In 2017: 

July was cancelled due to rain.

Carol Action – Flag poster for September Veteran’s Tribute.


Main Street Promotion Plan

Restaurant Week tabled.


Discussion –

Johnson City 125th Jubilee – Sept 16 – T-shirt sale.

T-shirt makers – Upstate Merchandise

On-line Booster Aug 11-24

JC High School Reunion – Posters and flyers advertising booster site.


New Business – Main Street tree boxes – ideas on keeping boxes cleaned and planted.


Next Meeting Sept. 13 at 7pm.


Meeting was adjourned at: 8:51


Minutes respectfully submitted by Carol Cass