Johnson City Partners

March 8, 2017 Meeting Minutes




Officers:          President:           Donna Converse

                        Vice-Pres:           Corinna Johnson

                        Treasurer:           Marcia Ward

                        Corres. Sec.:       Carol Cass

                        Recording Sec:  Carol Cass


Location:         Johnson City Senior Citizens Center, Library

Attendees:       Donna Converse, Corinna Johnson, Marcia Ward, Tammy Pornbeck, Rob Egan,   

                        Julie Deemie, Carol Cass


Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by Donna

Welcomed Tammy Pornbeck.

The minutes from the January 18, 2017 were discussed.  Motion to approve by Corinna, seconded by Julie, unanimous approved with few corrections.


Treasurer’s Report:


                                    Checking account:          $2601.76

                                    Park savings account:    $3453.85

                                    Revitalization savings:    $109.76


Carousel Day:  Julie and Corinna met with Rotary Club members, Rocky Martinez and Nick Mallard. Their discussion included agreement that Johnson City Partners will provide guidance to the Rotary Club for the 2017 Carousel Day.  Johnson City Partners (JCP) will provide guidance for one year.  Rotary Club will use Johnson City Partners 2015 Carousel Day event information for guidance.  The Rotary Club is not as concerned with funding for the event as Johnson City Partners has been in the past.  The Rotary Club has moved the event to the 5th Saturday, July 29, 2017.  Corinna will meet again with the Rotary Club and include David Black, an event performer (magician) at the meeting.  David wants to meet them.  


Cruze-In 2017:  Corinna began discussion on news about signs.  Akel (land owner) is in positive agreement to let JCP place 2 double “V” signs by Wegmans. New signs for this have been approved and are being printed.  Julie will work on sign stands for the new “V” signs.  Marcia will see about having old sign repaired for further use. 

Corinna is working on hiring bands and securing dates with the bands for the monthly Cruze-In events.  Corinna remarked the total cost for the Cruze In events last year was $1100.  Funding we have so far for the 2017 Cruze In is $1086.63

The veterans would like to sell Chicken BBQ at each Cruze-In event as a fund raiser for their organization.  We agreed this was fine idea.

Julie will request a Resolution concerning the Cruze-In events be added to the agenda at the next Johnson City Village meeting.

Discussion on posters for handicap parking.


T-shirt Promotion:  Rob presented at this meeting an update on his research concerning t-shirt promotion commemorating Johnson City’s 125th Year Anniversary as a fund raiser for Johnson City Partners.  A campaign for t-shirts sales would run for 2 to 4 weeks.  On the t-shirt website,, Johnson City Partners (JCP) needs to “tell our story” to let buyers know what our group is about.  Rob will work on the Booster website with this information gathered from our JCP site.  Members of JCP will tell other groups about our t-shirt campaign to promote this fund raiser.  Rob will finalize t-shirt plan for our next JCP meeting.


CFJ Park Beautification Project: Julie provided us with handouts of different tree recommendations, Red Maple, Pin Oak, and Red Bud. We reviewed the hand-outs and gave them back to her.  No decision was decided on the types of trees to be used.  Julie will talk to park officials for guidance on placement.

Julie told us the new park benches are rusting already.  She is in correspondence with the company representative about the rust and warranty.  Julie is also working on commemorative plaques for the benches.


New Business

Main Street Plan: Discussion-  Julie gave overview of the Main Street Plan.  We can perhaps work on parts of the plan.  Donna would like to act on parts of the Main Street Plan in 2017.  What parts can we can do?  Rob recommended street pole banners funded by Main Street business, local artwork in the windows, Johnson City grade school art, perhaps a restaurant week.

It was decided to have Rob chair a separate committee dedicated to the Main Street Plan.

Rob also suggested that the Main Street Plan not be so prominent on our JCP website.  Corinna will work with our web master to improve and update the JCP site.


Additional meeting comments: Raffles and basket ideas for Carousel Day.  More discussion on this will be at the next meeting whether to have several baskets or just a few big baskets to raffle.


Next Meeting April 12 at 7pm.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Carol Cass 



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