Johnson City Partners

November 08, 2017 Meeting Minutes


Officers:          President:           Donna Converse

                        Vice-Pres:           Corinna Johnson

                        Treasurer:           Marcia Ward

                        Corres. Sec.:       Carol Cass

                        Recording Sec:  Carol Cass


Location:         Johnson City Senior Citizens Center, Library

Attendees:       Donna Converse, Corinna Johnson, Julie Deemie, Barbara Thompson, Carol Cass


Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by Donna


September meeting minutes reviewed and approved with changes.

Do not have October meeting minutes available. Donna will email the October minutes to members for review.

October meeting minutes will be reviewed at Dec. meeting.

*Check to see if Dai is on meeting notices. (yes, she is on bcc)


Treasurer’s Report:

                                    Non- available


Discussion on minutes:  1) Just send draft minutes to President.  2) Send corrected minutes to Donna and Julie (for website).  


Gazebo Gatherings – Discussion – some declines, maybe St. James.  Vince and Deb will perform at parade.

Facebook – seek volunteer musicians.


Discussion on website and email contacts.

Discussion on hand out for Events.


Discussion on Springtime JCP membership drive. – advertise on radio, TV News, Dai speaker.


Press Events – JCP wed. mtgs. Beginning in January 2018. (This is done thru Dec. 2018).


Dec. 13 – 7pm Holiday party meeting, bring refreshments to share.


Next Meeting Dec. 13 at 7pm.


Meeting was adjourned at: 8:05


Minutes respectfully submitted by Carol Cass