Johnson City Partners

January 10, 2018 Meeting Minutes


Officers:          President:           Donna Converse      Vice-Pres:           Corinna Johnson

                        Treasurer:           Marcia Ward            Corres. Sec.:       Carol Cass

                        Recording Sec:  Carol Cass


Location:         Sarah Jane Johnson Memorial UMC, 308 Main St.

Attendees:       Donna Converse, Corinna Johnson, Julie Deemie, Barbara Thompson, Carol Cass,

Tammy Pornbeck, Marcia Ward


Meeting called to order at 7:04 pm by Donna


December Meeting Minutes were handed out for review.


October and November meeting minutes were reviewed and approved with changes.


Treasurer’s Report:

                                    Checking account:          $2249.60

                                    Park savings account:    $793.38

                                    Revitalization savings:    $144.72


Discussion on Audit -  Bruce King will perform 2017 audit. 


Cruze Inz – Discussion – (Corinna) Letter will be sent to sponsors.  The same band line-up as 2017, perhaps a new band. Letter to sponsors will not be only to sponsor a band but will be written as a general sponsorship for the events.


Discussion –

Survey (Survey Monkey) – Facebook, website, emails. 

Action for everyone – Email Carol with 5 questions that you would like to see on the survey.

February Meeting – Election of officers.

JCP to give more consideration to Economic Development.

Lack of a JCP president.

February will be our Annual Meeting.  


Membership Drive -  JCP Community Open House.  Invite Elks, Rotary, BCC, DPW,

Action Corinna – Secure Senior Center for the 3rd Thursday in April.

Presentation by Dai on “How Our Community is Developing”.


Discussion – Barb Thompson recommended we seek grants or funding for installing solar panels for properties on Main Street. Dia – Commercial use of buildings, Southern Tier Solar Works, HEAP, Tier Energy, Salvation Army.


Next Meeting Feb. 21 at 7pm.

Meeting was adjourned at: 9:15           Minutes respectfully submitted by Carol Cass 



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