Johnson City Partners

March 14, 2018 Meeting Minutes


Officers:          President:           Donna Converse      Vice-Pres:           Julie Deemie

                        Treasurer:           Marcia Ward            Corres. Sec.:       Carol Cass

                        Recording Sec:  Carol Cass


Location:         Johnson City Senior Center, 30 Brocton St.  

Attendees:       Donna Converse, Corinna Johnson, Julie Deemie, Carol Cass, Tammy Pornbeck, Marcia Ward


Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm by Donna


Review of January minutes.

Motion to Approve with corrections. (Donna)

Seconded Motion (Marcia)



All members submitted Conflict of Interest Statements to Donna.


Special Recognition Certificate awarded to Donna for five years of volunteering with JCP.  Presented by Julie on behalf of JCP.


Treasurer’s Report:

Audit Review: by Bruce King accepted.

                                    Checking account:          $2249.60

                                    Park savings account:    $793.38

                                    Revitalization savings:    $144.72


Cruze-Inz- Budget $897


Committee Reports

Cruze Inz

Corinna reported

  • Bands are contacted.
  • Total for bands $1150.
  • Snow cones and cotton candy vendor will be available.
  • Requests have been sent to potential sponsors.
  • Bookmobile will be available for May.
  • Invite Fred Askar. Action Corinna.


Membership Drive -

  • Tri-fold (Julie).  Julie will submit to printers, Carol will pick-up at printers when complete.
  • JCP Greeting cards and business cards (Carol).  JCP approved.  If we print more greeting cards Julie will have the picture improved.



April Event Action and information:

  • Johnson City Volunteers Recognition Event 
  • Time 6-8pm
  • Location: George Korutz Building (JC police Headquarters)
  • Email event invitation revisions (Action for Julie)
  • Request for Wegmans gift card for refreshments has been submitted to Wegmans by Carol.
  • Purified water – Tammy
  • Extension cords – Julie and Corinna
  • Power strip – Donna
  • Creamers – Julie
  • Desserts – JCP and Elks (?) members
  • Water and coffee only will be served
  • Bring what we have for serving (tongs, etc.)
  • Action for all JCP members– Send Julie an email of what we will be baking and bringing to the event.
  • Action for JCP members who are sending invitations to volunteer organizations – send your list to Corinna.
  • Action for Carol – delete press calendar event, this will be by invitation only.  This Action is completed.


Opinion Survey –

Carol distributed survey for review at our next Regular Meeting. Short discussion on survey.


New Business -

  • Julie – JCP t-shirts
  • Marica suggested Knucklehead
  • Donna is checking price of polo type shirts.
  • Donna to ask her daughter to do JCP logo on shirts.


Meeting Closed at 8:57 p.m.

Next Meeting April 11 at 7 p.m.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Carol Cass 



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