Johnson City Partners

July 22,2010 Meeting Minutes



Meeting called to order :

Sign in sheets/ Membership forms passed around



Bruce reviewed the treasurers report - including donations and expenses for Carousel Day


Old Business:

Julie reports on the status of the flower planters, looking for people to help water them.


Window Art : not getting a response from emails from Dave at the high school -


Julie thanks everyone who helped with the CFJ clean up on Saturday the 17th - another clean up is scheduled for Friday the 23rd


Discussion on tent set up, parking locations etc.


New Business:

Bruce discussed a meeting he and Julie had with a lawyer from HH&K that is willing to help with setting up the 501-3c

Also discussed having a way to donate to the JC Partners via the web site


Field days :

General consensus is to pass on participating on the field days this year and to look into next year


Julie asked for someone to volunteer to look into when BU is having their 'Welcome Day'. Also to get details on setting up a booth there.


Joe discussed an idea of having a Halloween Parade on October 30 on Main St.


Carousel Day:


Motion made by Bruce King - 2nd by Bob Olcott to accept the minutes and place on file - motion passed unanimous

Bob Olcott asked if there are any additions or subtractions to the treasurers report, Bruce had none.  Julie states report is accepted as read.

Julie asked Bruce if there was a yearly report done, Bruce said that it was on hold until after Carousel Day


Carousel Day : (continued)


Next meeting is August 5th at Art Allure


Julie reviews the volunteer time slots for Carousel Day


Motion to Adjourn by Bruce