Johnson City Partners

November 14, 2018 Meeting Minutes


Officers:          President:            Julie Deemie            Vice-Pres:           Corinna Johnson

                        Treasurer:           Marcia WardCorres. Sec.:        Carol Cass

                        Recording Sec:  Carol Cass


Location:         Johnson City Senior Center, 30 Brocton St., Library  

Attendees:        Julie Deemie, Corinna Johnson, Carol Cass, Donna Converse, Tammy Pornbeck, Marcia Ward,

                          Barbara Thompson


Meeting called to order at 7:08 pm by Julie


August and September meeting minutes reviewed.

(These had been held over due to absences)

Motion to Approve with corrections – Corinna

2nd – Julie, Approved

September meeting minutes reviewed.

Motion to Approve with corrections– Julie

2nd – Corinna, Approved


Treasurer’s Report: 

                                    Checking account:            $1703.11

                                    Park savings account:       $793.78

                                    Revitalization savings:    $137.60


Committee Reports

Julie handed out a draft Budget for 2019.  Short discussion on budget.


Discussion – Cruze-Inz and use of an Expenditures Form beginning in 2019.  

Cruze-Inz 2019 will be the 7th year for this event.


Old Business

Main Street Clean-up 11/3 and 11/27 were cancelled. Greg, Julie, Chief Dodge and his family cleaned the N. Broad-Ave. D alleyway and Ave. D on 11/27 once the rain let up.


Discussion – Main Street Window Wonderland – well organized, was nice, people want to have it again. Feedback – good/great.  Volunteers were awesome, great prizes. 

Downfalls – some confusion with the following - Window washing, prizes (judging vs drawing names), coloring pages, Release for Insurance, need more Johnson City school involvement, 


Discussion – 2019 – Sell T-shirts (JC Pagoda Theme) (Donna to contact Rob Egan),

2018 Gatherings at the Gazebo – Potential Bands - Treasure, Mike Whitney, St. James, Sarah Jane Church, Joe Steno, Julie Beard (JCHS)


December Meeting Party – Donna (Paper Products), Corinna (sweet), Marcia (sweet), Julie (cocoa and cold drink), Carol (¼ cheese pizza).


Meeting Closed at 9:06 p.m.

Next Meeting December 12, 2018 at 7 p.m.                                                   Minutes respectfully submitted by Carol Cass