Johnson City Partners

January 9 2019, Meeting Minutes

Officers: President: Julie Deemie Vice Pres: Corinna Johnson
Treasurer: Marcia Ward Corres. Sec.: vacant
Recording Sec.: vacant
Location: Johnson City Senior Center, 30 Brocton St., Library
Attendees: Julie Deemie, Corinna Johnson, Donna Converse, Barbara Thompson, Marcia Ward,
Tammy Pornbeck, Mary Daniel
Guests: Sharon Fischer & Laura Kelly, Public Health Educators, Broome County Health Dept.
Tobacco Free Broome and Tioga
David Barber and Tom Barry, potential members
Meeting called to order at 7:03 by Julie. Julie informed us of the deaths of Sandra Scanlon,
granddaughter of George F. Johnson and Dr. Arthur Coddington, past member of JCP.
The minutes of the November 14, 2018 meeting were reviewed. Motion by Corinna to accept with corrections, seconded by Donna. Unanimous approval.
Treasurer's report: Checking account: $1828.11
Park Savings acct: 793.88
Revit. Savings acct: 103.42
The discussion regarding the 2019 budget will be held over until the Feb.13 meeting.
Committee Reports:
Cruze-In: Corinna has the commitment of 3 bands and is working on getting 2 more bands. The Kettle Korn vendor will return. Corinna is working on new sponsors and vendors. We would like to promote the free music and try to have more events for children. The goal is to get more families to attend and feel comfortable in downtown JC. It was suggested to use Craigs List in addition to Facebook this year.
Old Business:
The Mayor has designated the space in the entrance to Village Hall, ( formerly occupied by vending machines) as a display area for village and Endicott-Johnson memorabilia. A UHS rep told Corinna that they will donate a case, if we can find a suitable one at their warehouse sale. We need a display case that can be locked. Dave will check with a friend who has a display case. Donna suggested that maybe someone at JC High School could build one to our specs.
We discussed the T-shirt fundraiser that we held in 2017 and the possibility of doing it this year. We talked about using a graphic of the Pagoda in CFJ Park on the T-shirt. Julie said we have permission to use an image of the Pagoda. We would like to attach the T-shirt fundraiser to an event. Donna talked with Rob Egan, who helped run the fundraiser in 2017.
Nominations for Officers: Voting at Annual Meeting, Feb 13, 2019.
Barb has the list of eligible members who can vote and run for office. Mary Daniel is interested in being nominated for recording secretary. Bylaws state nominee/member needs to attend 3 meetings to be eligible for an office. Donna made a motion that Mary Daniel be nominated for the position of Recording Secretary, that an exception be made to the bylaws eligibility requirement, that Mary may provisionally serve until such time that Mary becomes a fully qualified member, due to a lack of qualified members with an interest in the position. The motion was seconded by Corinna. Motion passed unanimously.
New Business: Our guests, Sharon Fischer and Laura Kelly spoke to us about the Health Dept.'s concern about the increase in tobacco vendors in downtown JC. They are working with the JC Village Board regarding this issue. We invited them to speak at our first Speakers' Series on Feb 21, 2019 if they are available. They will check their schedules and let us know. We will plan on 6 PM in the Training Room at Village Hall. We discussed having another speaker on the third Thursday in March and the 2nd Annual Volunteer Appreciation Night on the third Thursday in April with Dai Korba and Mayor Deemie as speakers.
The new Century/Sunrise Apartments have a community room. Corinna will ask about using this room for community events, such as the Speakers' Series.
Mary Daniel suggested using social media, such as Instagram and Snapchat, in addition to Facebook. She offered to help with this to try to attract younger members to our group.
Julie gave a brief history of JC Partners, for the benefit of our potential new members. Wish list for 2019: develop a brochure for the Village of Johnson City that includes businesses, hotels, restaurants, churches, summer events, etc.
Bruce King has offered to complete the treasury audit for 2018 before the Annual meeting on Feb 13, 2019. Marcia will contact him and provide the required financial information.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:45
submitted by Marcia Ward

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