Johnson City Partners
Wednesday April 10, 2019
Meeting Minutes


President: Julie Deemie
Vice President: Corinna Johnson
Treasurer: Marcia Ward
Recording Secretary: Mary Daniel
Corresponding Secretary: Barbara Thompson

Location: Johnson City Senior Center, 30 Brocton St., Library

Attendees: Julie Deemie, Marcia Ward, Mary Daniel, Barbara Thompson, Donna Converse, Tammy

Meeting Called to Order at 7:04 pm by President Julie Deemie

Opening Comments and Business: Mary Daniel signed the Yearly Statement of the Officers and Conflict of Interest Policy forms. Attending officers welcomed her as the Recording Secretary.

The minutes from the February 13, 2019 and March 13, 2019 meetings were reviewed and approved as corrected.

Treasurer's Report:

Checking Account: $1,911.11
Park Savings Account: $ 793.98
Revitalization Account: $ 103.43

501-C3 & Attorney General Forms: Julie has signed both. Marcia signed Attorney General form.

Committee Reports:

Cruze-Inz: Julie gave an update on behalf of Corinna.

 Coughlin & Gerhart gave $100.00 sponsorship check
 Health Beat has paid for their sponsorship of $100.00
 Awaiting sponsorship check from NBT Bank
 Nick Vitali of Vitali Auto Exchange will sponsor at the $250 level; awaiting check
 Rich Wilson will perform
 Not sure if Corinna was able to get in touch with or was pursuing sponsorship from Visions
 Corinna was not able to get a response from Louie G for his DJ services
***Total amount comes to $650.00 in sponsorships

Julie has signs in the back of her car that can be used for Cruze-Inz. Donna will look at them after the

Other Matters:
 Discussion on developing social media, sharing events on FB
 Barbara will keep attendance for the next annual meeting
 The agenda, other needed items, and organizations that were expected to come to the Annual

Volunteer Appreciation event (i.e. Elks, Rotary, Sarah Jane) were discussed.

The meeting was adjourned at 08:22pm 



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