Johnson City Partners
Wednesday May 08, 2019
Meeting Minutes


President: Julie Deemie
Vice President: Corinna Johnson
Treasurer: Marcia Ward
Recording Secretary: Mary Daniel
Corresponding Secretary: Barbara Thompson

Location: Johnson City Senior Center, 30 Brocton St., Library

Attendees: Corinna Johnson, Marcia Ward, Mary Daniel, Barbara Thompson, Tammy Pornbeck

Meeting Called to Order at 07:06 pm by Vice President Corinna Johnson

The minutes from the March 13, 2019 meeting minutes were reviewed, corrected and approved.

Treasurer's Report:

Checking Account: $1,879.98
Park Savings Account: $ 586.98
Revitalization Account: $ 103.43

Committee Reports:

Cruze-Inz: - Corinna

- Billboards were placed on Main Street and at Wegmans by Jason.
- Posters for this year's Cruze-Inz will not be available until tomorrow.
- Business locations to place posters were discussed.
- The Beatles Band has decided to participate in this year's Cruze-Inz.
- Food vendors were contacted again for their proof of insurance and food permits.
- Other vendor participants: UHS, Vines, and Macaroni Kid
- Red's pizza pick-up; will update in future when she knows for sure if they will donate pizzas.

 (Marcia said that she would pick-up the pizza). Red's said that they'd be interested in a banner.

  • The following Wednesday will be clean-up at the Avenue C parking lot
  • Everyone to be assigned to duties for next Cruze-In:

Donna- Street
Barb and Mary-JCP Table
Marcia- Pizza, and Set-up
Corinna- Announcements, tear down, and water from Wegmans

  • JC Partners literature on the information table for Carousel Day and what other items
    will be placed on the table
  • Had the idea that the JC Partners should host a flea market on Saturdays

The meeting was adjourned at 08:57 pm


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