JC Partners Meeting Minutes

September 23, 2010 7pm

Treasurer Report- Treasurer absent- no updates

Upcoming Deposits:

$334 from Elks Club for Carousel Days proceeds

$30 from Knights of Columbus for Carousel Days proceeds

$1228.36- Total Deposits from Carousel Day


New Business

Julie will be attending workshop on Main St. Revitalization in Cortland September 24th-reps from

Preservation Association, Cortland Partnership, other consultants.

October 7th, 6:30 Trustee Balles at Court House -two reps from New York State, Division of Urban

Housing, Revitalization.

Julie shared names of people that signed up to help at University Fest.

Julie shared idea of pruning and cleaning corner of Main/Lester and has talked to DPW-Julie asked if

JCFD was tied to this area for cleaning up yet. Dates of October 9 or 16 to set up clean-up day.

Need to do another Fundraiser...talk of Murder Mystery at Home Public Library.

Clean up on Main Street brought up at Eckerd Parking Lot? Anyone interested? Determined that

Spring and Summer better time.

Planters- Bob Bennett said frames can be stored in Carousel building, inserts stored behind Bob's


Need for more garbage cans on Main St. expressed as well as bench with garbage on one side and

planter on other

NYPENN building forced to be shut down soon. Ideas expressed: Why don't we have a program set

up to have them stay on Main St.? Tenants had no lease/month to month, owner filed Chapter 11.

Give them one month free rent and keep them on Main St. and start to fill Main street back up again.

Why doesn't our committee help these businesses with this? We can't help them alone, need village

help too. We can be middle man. What about HSBC building?

Idea expressed of village creating law to keep drug dealers and sex offenders out of Main St. areas

because of HCA, Family Enrichment Center and Sarah Jane Johnson Church because there are still

children there just like there was when there was a school

Julie commented on board meeting where she asked about what village has done thus far to bring

business to downtown area. Several trustees commented positively, one was contentious toward Julie

in response. None of the responses produced an appearance of progress. Julie and Bob shared a

couple of businesses that they helped bring to downtown area or keep in downtown area.


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