Johnson City Partners

Meeting Minutes - January 12, 2011

Meeting called to order

Julie states JC Partners has 18 active members for upcoming elections


Bruce reviewed the treasurer's report

$1228.87 (Carousel Day Park Fund)

$5.40 (2011 Carousel Day Fund)


$1404.16 Total

Also discussed having an audit done with Bob and Cindy

New Business:

Julie discussed the grant being applied for through the Chenango Arts Council for performers for the upcoming Carousel Days.

    • Grant would total $3650.00
    • Entertainers would be the Mason Warrington Orchestra and Zany Umbrella Circus
    • Grants should be awarded Mid-February

Marsha and Bob discuss the status of the Main Street program

    • Letters sent out to business/building owners on Main St
    • Greg updated the Village's status on letter of support for the JC Partners for the Main St grant

Next meeting - January 26, 2011 - Wednesday

Discussions on Meeting location - 15 Ave B to remain JC Partner's meeting location

Bob mentions starting a paper/newsletter for Johnson City

Motion by Bob, 2nd by Bruce to approve the meeting minutes from the December 9, 2010 - motion passed

Julie discussed a grant opportunity for Arbor Day - applications due by February 10

Fundraiser Discussion

    • Brook's Chicken not available
    • Bob mentions having entertainment (Rich Wilson or Puzzle players) come to the Senior Center
    • Garage/Indoor sale

Meeting Adjourned


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