Johnson City Partners

February 9, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Election of Officers:

14 Ballots total

Results -

President - Julie Deemie

Vice President - Bob Olcott

Treasurer - Bruce King

Corresponding Secretary - Jim Furman

Recording Secretary - (postponed until next meeting)

Bob makes a motion to accept the 4 positions - 2nd by Greg - passed unanimously


Treasurer - no activity

Old Business:

Fundraising discussion -

2011 Carousel Day sponsors that have responded to date

New Business:

Windsor Partnership members have offered to help at the Carousel days, they would like our help in return at the upcoming Windsor Window on the Arts on September 17th.

Bob has setup a meeting with the mayor to see about the village becoming the lead agency for grant

May 14th Clean up day

Art for the windows being done by the school is 80% done

Main Street grant committee meetings will be held on Mondays at 6pm

March 8th - a public meeting will be held at the JC police training room on the Johnson City Revitalization program

Motion made by Greg - 2nd by Bob to accept the minutes from the previous January meetings - motion passed


Next meeting will be March 9, 2011 7pm

Motion to adjourn - 1st by Greg 2nd by Julie - passed