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April 13, 2011 Meeting Minutes



Greg Deemie 
Nick Tarcha Julie Deemie
Bruce King Mike Tugwell Barb Thompson
Dottie Pobocek Bob Olcott Marcia Ward
Corinna Johnson


Meeting called to order at 7:06 P.M.

A request was made at the meeting to limit conversations to one at a time so that we can accurate pick up conversations on the recorder.


Treasurer's Report-Bruce reported that we currently have $2,220.16 in our account.  $60 was spent to renew the post office box for another year.  The rate is going up by $2.00; so he paid for the entire year to save some money.  A down payment was made on the Mason Warrington Band of $500.  Mason Warrington money is coming from the Chenango Arts Council award of $1,100.  Our insurance will be coming due soon.

Deposits of $1,100, $250 from Visions for Carousel Day, $50 cash donation from Art Allure, and another $50 from State Farm, which has not yet been deposited, were reported.

Bruce spoke with the bank about separating accounts for regular "Partner's" and Carousel Day monies.  We will be opening a separate account for Carousel Day monies shortly.  There will be no charge for this account.  We bank with NBT in Johnson City.

Old Business Continued:

Downtown cleanup originally scheduled for 5/21; but is the date for the dedication ceremony for the Veterans Park, to be held from 11:00-12:00.  We should do cleanup before that date.  Patricia Carden from Sarah Jane Church has stepped in and is doing 9 cleanup projects throughout the Village, Spring through Fall.  Village employees will be participating in these activities.  She has us in charge of cleaning up Main Street on July 16 (the week before Carousel Day), but that day is scheduled for a Park cleanup only.  We have rescheduled cleanup day for May 14 from 9:00 A.M. until 12:00 p.m.   Bob Olcott would like to have the Rotary participate.  Julie will try to get Boy Scout participation again.  We will fine-tune plans on May 4.

Village passed a Resolution supporting Carousel Day and they will supply a Police Officer for this event.  We will need another village Resolution to declare the parking lots free of charge for this event.

Carol Laskoski was going to check on the status of the parking lot behind Hanks, but was unavailable to attend this meeting, so the status is pending until our next meeting.  Carol mentioned at the last meeting that the parking lot might be owned by an "Ellis", so Julie is going to try calling Tom Ellis.

Bruce will talk to the Commissioner of BC Transit regarding Transit availability and if he'll let any of the drivers donate their time.

Wegman's has agreed to be our "Legacy" Sponsor and will contribute $750 for Carousel Day.  This earns them rights to a tag on all our radio advertisements and recognition on the poster with all the other sponsors.  Goodrich Implement this year will be a "Square Deal" sponsor at the $250 level, NBT and Visions Banks are also coming back this year.  If we could expand to more sponsors, we could increase our advertising and afford the trolley, which costs $458 for 9 hours.  Businesses that donate smaller donations will be listed in the program as business supporters.

We've received three applications for the Arts Show so far.  Inquiries continue to come in.  The Press will try to put something in the paper letting people know that we are looking for applicants for the Art Show.  Nick Tarcha will be a judge for the Juried Art Show.

A woman from an unidentified church called Julie about some Ukraranian eggs that she would like to sell at Carousel Day.  She will send Julie information regarding her items for sale.

As part of our commitment to the award from the Chenango Council of the Arts, we must complete a report and submit it to them along with an audit of another event that won an award.  We will be auditing an event at the Vestal Library on June 4.  Julie and Dottie Pobocek will attend or Dottie will attend by herself, if Julie is unavailable, and complete the report.

Elks will be doing hamburgers and hotdogs this year.  Lyons Club will also participate.  Rotary will be invited to participate.  Boy Scouts will do water, peanuts and popcorn.  Knights of Columbus are doing a chicken barbeque.  Funnel Cake guy will be back.  Mr. Roberts, the ice cream guy, will be invited to participate in the park for the fee.  Sertoma will also participate, along with the Endicott Visitor Center.

Julie contacted Binghamton High School regarding the "Miles Ahead" band playing at Carousel Day.  The cost would be between $240-250.  They would play between 10:00-12:00.  This cost would fit within the budget.

The Living Community Alliance meeting of 4/22 was discussed and an explanation of what this Alliance represents to members of the Partners who were unable to attend.

New Business:

Main Street Grant-Streetscape:  Benches, waste receptacles, planters add up to about $28,000 (includes 18 trash receptacles, 8 benches, and 12 planters).   John from Anything Artistic has not yet spoken with Julie about signs.  Julie has also been requesting donations for flowers.  Benches will be placed on Main Street, and near bus stops, where possible.

Julie is interested in doing a fundraiser to raise money to buy the triangular building behind Giblin's so that we can purchase the building, bring it down through the use of CDBG funds, and to have a "green space" in its place.  This building is assessed at $28,000; and one idea for raising funds to purchase this building is to sell "in bricks of" bricks and integrate them into the green space design.  Kuda's is interested in a similar project behind its building.

Main Street Grant:  Ken Monaco (Dancescapes dance studio) is interested in getting the roof done.  Paulie, from Kuda's, wants to do windows/doors, fix up the front, and put up new signage, such as the "Ye Olde Tavern" signs.  He needs to know the restrictions on size.   Natalie (Klondike Building) is interested in doing new ceiling tiles; however, there may be some limitations to her project due to the lack of exterior windows for bedroom space.

All necessary paperwork is in for Health Beat.  Bob is still waiting for information from Kuzel, Giblin's, Allegro and Tom Murphy (who wants a new awning).

Julie received a letter from Ron Hebner thanking her for inviting him to the Puzzled Players fundraiser.  Although he was unable to attend, he sent a $25 donation with the letter.

Review and approval of minutes: Motion to approve by Bruce King, seconded by Greg Deemie.

Next Meeting: May 4 at 7:00 at Art Allure.

Motion to Adjourn: Julie Deemie, second by Bruce King.



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