May 4, 2011

Johnson City Partners

Art Allure

Officers: Julie Deemie, President
Bob Olcott, Vice President
Bruce King, Treasurer
Jim Furman, Corresponding Secretary
Dottie Pobocek, Recording Secretary

Julie Deemie
Dottie Pobocek
Nick Tarcha Corinna Johnson
Mike Tugwell Marcia Ward
Bruce King Bob Olcott


Meeting called to order at 7:01 P.M.



Treasurer's Report-Bruce King reported the following: $1,228.87-Park Fund; $30.40-2011 Park Fund; $960.89 in checking account (grant money included). Multiple transactions since the last meeting brings the account balance to $460.41 after expenses for Partners' activities. Activities included expenses of $316.13 for insurance, $60.00 for the yearly post office box fee, and $200 to pay for hall expenses at the Knights of Columbus. We also received a donation from State Farm for Carousel activities of $50.00


Comedy Night resulted in sales of $965, which included $55 in donations, 91 tickets sold (57 presold and 34 sold at the door), $39.35 for cost of food, and $200 for hall expenses, which leaves a profit of $725.65.


$66.14 was paid to Marcia Ward for postage and grant material expenses; and $20.31 was paid to Julie Deemie for print/copy expenses and other Partners' related matters.


Bruce will prepare a report of activities for the next meeting.


Old Business:

Puzzled Players was a great success. Thank you to Bob Olcott and everyone involved in setting up this activity. The Knights of Columbus are interested in doing more business with the Partners.


Additional fundraiser activities are being considered for future events.


New Business:

Carousel Day-We have received our final sponsor for this event. We currently have three sponsors at the Square Deal level, which is $250; Wegman's is our legacy sponsor, at $750; and Coughlin and Gerhart (our final sponsor) is our Partners' All, at $500.00



Interest in the juried art show has been slow; but is expected to pick up as we near the event date. Applications continue to be received.


New email address: JohnsonCityPartners


Julie is still working on parking for Carousel Day. Still unsure about whether or not we will use the trolley, which costs $458. Rental of portable rent-a-johns is also being considered.


The Revitalization Grant was submitted 1 day early. Statistics are: 59 parcels, 57 buildings

Total request: $457,000

Of the $457,000, building renovations accounted for $396,000.

$35,000 requested for streetscape.

Village administrative charges of $26,000.

13 letters of commitment from property owners; 7 of which were for façade.

There were 15 apartment renovations

7 actual commercial spaces

Total project cost is $671,802, that's with $214,070 committed from property owners.


There were 9 historic mixed-use commercial buildings; 1 commercial (Kuda's), and 3 historic residential applications.


12 of the 13 buildings are historic.


There will be a celebration crawl on Saturday, May 14, for the successful submission of this grant. Everyone will meet at 6:00 P.M. at Freschott Pizza, then on to Kuda's, Giblin's and other Johnson City merchants as time allows. Dottie Pobocek will contact all Partner members to notify them of this event.


Murray Gould and Joe Moody want to present to the Partners at an up-and-coming meeting.


Cleanup of Main Street is scheduled for May 14 from 9:00-11:30 a.m. We will meet in the Village Hall parking lot. Bring gloves for this cleanup. Renaissance Florists donated $40-50 for flowers for flower boxes this year. We are also taking donations for flowers. Corinna and Julie will visit business owners for flower donations. Boxes will be out by May 22.


Dedication of the gazebo will be on May 21 from 11:00-12:00 P.M.


Approval of Treasurer's Report: Motion to approve made by Bob Olcott, seconded by Mike Tugwell. Motion unanimously approved.

Review and approval of minutes: Motion to approve as amended by Julie Deemie; seconded by Bob Olcott. Motion unanimously approved.


Next Meeting: May 25 at 7:00 P.M. at Art Allure.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 P.M.




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