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July 13, 2011 Meeting Minutes


Attendees:       Julie Deemie                                                       Barb Thompson

Corinna Johnson                                                 Mike Tugwell

Bob Olcott                                                         Bruce King

Marcia Ward                                                      Cindy Novobilski

Barb Thompson                                                  Ros Taylor

Dottie Pobocek                                                   Greg Deemie

Nick Tarcha


Meeting called to order at 7:03 P.M.


Treasurer's Report-Bruce reported that we currently have $2,114.87, not counting the Park Fund.  Four checks need to be deposited totaling $360.00.


Old Business:

Carousel Day-- Budget-We have received $3,000 to date, which includes the $750 not yet received from Wegmans.  This figure does not include the $1,100 grant money.   The Village will be reimbursing the Partners $42 toward poster costs, as the Village will be reselling some of the posters at the event; and the Knights of Columbus will be reimbursing us $50 for tent rental.  We have spent close to $2,900.00.  This leaves us with a balance of $100, depending on print costs.

Vendor fees have brought in $625 (15-16 artisans), and plans are to give out $300 in prizes:

First Place=$75, Second Place=$50, Third Place=25.  Each vendor paid $40 to participate.

Julie held a pre-Carousel Day meeting on June 27 with the civic associations participating in Carousel Day to go over the ground rules for this event.  The meeting was well-received, and volunteers were requested from these organizations to assist in tent set-up on Friday night.

New Business:

Julie met with Naima Kradjian, and her consultant, Murray Gould, who are working on the Health and Cultural District.  Julie mentioned that about two weeks ago our area was approved as a Historical District unanimously in New York State.  It will now be passed on to the Federal level for approval.

It is expected that decisions on the Revitalization Grant will be announced around Mid-August, 2011.

Carousel Day Review-Vendors are located from the Carousel along the pathway through the kids' play area, (vendors 1-19), portable potties are located near the fence in the kids' area behind some trees, and a fire truck will be on view.  We have not yet received verification as to whether a police car will be available.

Julie asked for opinions on the rental of the Port-A-Johns.  The fee of $230 plus tax is included in the budget, and includes two units and a sink.  Members unanimously agreed on the rental of the units with the stipulation that care be given to placement and removal of these units in not damaging the landscaping.

All food will be in the same area around the shelter.

The Historical tent will be located near the pagoda, and will be utilized as headquarters.

Windsor will be providing six volunteers, so we will need to reciprocate in September with their event.  They will be sending their Village Historian to participate in the event.

Volunteer assignments were reviewed.  More volunteers are needed, especially with parking.  Charlie Ackerman, a realtor from McKinney Real Estate, offered to volunteer for the event.

The Carousel Day banner that was located on Reynolds Road near Warehouse Carpet has been stolen.  A new banner will cost $85.  Bob made a motion to replace the banner, Cindy seconded the motion.   It was unanimously decided to replace the banner and place it on Airport Road.

Clean-up-A general cleanup will be held on July 16 from 10-noon at CFJ Park, with a more thorough cleanup and tent setup on July 22 from 5:00 P.M. until finished.  Julie asked if unavailable to attend to please let her know.

Review and approval of minutes: Carried over until next meeting.

Next Meeting: July 27, 2011 at 7:00 P.M. at Art Allure

Meeting adjourned-Motion to adjourn made by Greg Deemie, seconded by Cindy Novobilski.   Meeting adjourned at 8:10 P.M.


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