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Art Allure
September 14, 2011


Julie Deemie Barb Thompson
Corinna Johnson Rick Balles
Bob Olcott Christy Allen
Marcia Ward Cindy Novobilski
Barb Thompson Carol Laskoski
Dottie Pobocek

Meeting called to order at 7:03 P.M.



Treasurer's Report-No treasurer's report tonight.   Julie announced that a check bounced from one of the vendors for Carousel Day, which resulted in a $5.00 and then a $10.00.  The person is aware that they now owe us $55.00.  Our checking account records may have been affected by the flood-Julie will check.

Old Business: No word yet on the Main Street Revitalization Grant.

New Business: Julie met with a group called the World Changers about 3 weeks ago.  She discussed bringing this opportunity to Johnson City, as they were primarily focused on the Binghamton area.  They did between 35-45 houses in one week.  It works by the owner buying the supplies and the group provides the services for free.  This is a faith-based organization.  This program is need-based.  Corinna or Julie will take referrals to provide to this organization by the end of the year.

Rick Balles discussed volunteer opportunities for our community (Broome and Tioga counties).   A list of volunteers is being maintained by Rick.  Additional names can be added to the volunteer list by sending an e-mail to him.   Jim Byron of the First Presbyterian Church is coordinating services, and will be the focal point, for community clean-up with Rick.  All persons volunteering need to volunteer as individuals, not groups, for liability and legal issues.   (Rick's handouts include "Village of Johnson City Volunteer Disaster Plan and a handout on how to apply for FEMA).

Davis College is hosting another meeting on mud-outs on 9/16 @ 7:00.  This meeting is open to the community.

Bob Olcott volunteered to look over old photos, paintings, and documents to determine if they can be saved, copied or duplicated.  He will not charge for evaluation of these items.

A seminar will be held at the SUNY Binghamton Downtown Center from 4-6:00 p.m. on 11/3.  This seminar provides an opportunity for non-profits to recruit volunteers.  J.C. Partners will have a booth.

Windows on the Arts event is being held this weekend in Windsor.  In return for their sending volunteers for our Carousel Day event, we will be sending volunteers from J.C. Partners to help out in Windsor (Julie and Greg Deemie, Roz Taylor and her husband and Jim Furman).

Johnson City's Main Street area was one of the flood-free zones in Broome County.  This is a great reason for marketing our area.

Review and approval of minutes: Carried over until next meeting.

Next Meeting: October 12, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at Art Allure.

Meeting adjourned- 7:48 p.m.


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