Johnson City Partners

August 10, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order with 8 members present :


Bob Olcott Corinna Johnson Bruce King Julie Deemie
Ros Taylor Marcia Ward Barb Thompson Jim Furman


Reports :

Bruce gave the treasurer's report (shows $1,063.62 available cash)

Julie reviewed itemized 2011 Carousel Day report
Addendum: The 2011 Carousel Day Budget is attached.


Total funds received : $4230.00
Total Expenditures : $4220.42
2011 Carousel Day balance : $9.58
2010 Carousel Day balance : $30.40


Old Business :

Julie thanked all members for helping out and has heard good feedback about 2011 Carousel Day. She estimates there were 2500-3000 people at the park throughout the day.
We had put out a jar to collect money for the pagoda renovations - $5.00 was collected.
Next year's Carousel Day will be held on Saturday, July 21st, 2012


New Business :

Ros Taylor spoke on the ‘Lock Down Law' - she was looking for support at the upcoming September 6th village board meeting and also looking to get help with petitions.

Julie talked about the upcoming University Fest on August 27th - JC Partners will have a booth with information.

World Changers Projects ideas discussed. A Mr. Kramer at Davis Colloege is a contact we can use.

Volunteers are needed for the Windsor Window on the Arts event on September 17th - several signed up to help with trash and parking.

Bob made a motion to accept the minutes from the June 22 and the July 13 meetings - second was made by Marcia - the motion to accept the minutes passed unanimously.

Next meeting : September 14, 2011 at 7pm at 15 Avenue B


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