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November 9, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Art Allure



Julie Deemie Corinna Johnson
Marcia Ward Bob Olcott
Mike Tugwell Carol Laskoski
Dottie Pobocek Barb Thompson



Meeting called to order at 7:00 P.M.


Approval of Minutes:

Motion to accept minutes of October 12 by Bob Olcott with the exception of adding the word "fee" after the words "bounced check" under the Treasurer's Report. Motion was approved unanimously.



Treasurer's Report - No Treasurer's Report tonight.  We received the delinquent vendor fee of $55.


Old Business:

No word yet on the Main Street Revitalization Grant.  Decisions will be made sometime in January or February of 2012 because they are starting fresh with new staff.  Furthermore, the grants will now be broken down into districts, so we don't know how much money will be going to our district, which might place further limitations on the funding.

Julie gave Marcia a letter that was returned for better address.

Home Goods Giveaway:  Julie passed around the updated flyer.  Setup will be on Friday and opened to the public on Saturday.  Julie is seeking volunteers for this event. Toyland is being moved to the training room, and sponsored by Department of Public Works.  Santa's Workshop will be in the courtroom along with the Carhart giveaway.  Each child will be able to pick out one gift for a family present; and the students will wrap them.  We need two tables, and Corinna will see if she can borrow a couple.  Bob will also bring tables over.  We need utility carts for moving the items. Four families at a time will be allowed in the room; and there are limitations to the amount of each item per table.  SUNY Binghamton and SUNY Oswego students will be in attendance to help.

On November 5th JC Public Works held a Bottle and Can Drive fund-raising event at Veterans Park.  Julie and Corinna attended and helped. Out of seven letters asking for donations, only Bed, Bath and Beyond sent in a donation, which was a gift card for $20.

At the giveaway each family will sign in and provide a FEMA number. The family must have lived in Johnson City, Westover or the Fairmont Park area, and can only go through one time.

Each family will be given an index card, which will be presented at each table. The staff at each table needs to initial that the family has been through your table and received their item(s).  There will be very limited delivery available Those needing delivery assistance should be sent to Corinna so that she can make the necessary arrangements.

We will take the remainder of the items that do not get taken and have an indoor rummage sale. We will use the proceeds to buy gift cards for flood victims.

A huge "thank you" to Marcia and Corinna for the huge amount of help they have provided for this giveaway.  Corinna was instrumental in getting the word out to the community.

Julie submitted the Virtual Networking form to the Chamber of Commerce.

We have an application for the holiday parade on December 1.  Our participation was considered.  Corinna suggested that we all dress up as the "Island of Misfit Toys".  The application is due in two days. No action was taken to participate.

A Downtown Farmer's Market meeting will be held at Bob's on Nov. 16, at 6 pm, to discuss the possibility of establishing a Farmer's Market in Johnson City.  Julie, Corinna and Bob will be attending.  Everyone is invited to attend.

Julie did the loft tour of downtown Binghamton.  There were some great lofts, and not so nice lofts; but Julie saw two or three with garages in the front.  She also saw some lofts with quads that had no windows in the bedroom, which was particularly alarming, as there was no fire exit if there was a fire that blocked the bedroom door.


New Business:

The yearly audit will be done in January.  The end of the Partner's fiscal year is December 31, 2011.  Julie will appoint someone to audit the books.

The first Carousel Day Planning Meeting was held.  Carol, Corinna, Bob and Julie were the attendees. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 23 at 6 pm.  Julie plans to schedule December's meeting date at the meeting on the 23rd.

This year the goal is to increase the size of the participants.  Some suggestions included a martial arts demonstration, a book signing, and the juggler. Bob Olcott suggests that if anyone has an idea for a vendor/participant to write in down and give it to one of the committee members at the next meeting; or they can email or call a committee member. Corinna mentioned that there was a discussion on adding some games; and this idea will be further explored.

Some negative issues were that the History tent could be better organized, parking issues, the library tent could be expanded, and problems regarding the tents that were utilized.  Some of the issues mentioned were that the tents were not secured/tied down in the event of strong winds or a storm, and the lack of better setup/take-down organization. Appointing a safety and health coordinator should be considered for the next event.  Garbage pickup and placement also needs to be addressed.


Next Meeting: December 14, 2011 @ 7:00 at Art Allure

Meeting adjourned- 8:33 pm



Happy Holidays!




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