Johnson City Partners

Art Allure

June 22, 2011



Julie Deemie Mike Tugwell Corinna Johnson
Nichole Monico Bob Olcott Kenny Monico
Marcia Ward Cindy Novobilski Barb Thompson
Jim Furman Dottie Pobocek  

Meeting called to order at 7:05 P.M.




Treasurer's Report-Bruce presented a report from April banking transactions through June 22.  Balance of both the checking and savings accounts together is $3,959.91.  Also on 6/22/11, $1,800 in sponsor's fees was deposited into the account.  Currently, we have $1,228.88 in the "Park Fund," and $2,731.03 in our active checking account, to be used for musician's fees, tent rentals, etc., and any other expenses for this year's Carousel Day.

We are currently waiting for Wegman's sponsorship check in the amount of $750.

Bob Olcott moved to approve the Treasurer's report.  Motion unanimously approved.


Old Business:

On June 4, Julie and Dottie attended the Vestal Museum's Art Council event to fulfill our obligations to the Chenango County Arts Council by performing an audit of the event.

The June 8 Historic District Public Hearing meeting held at Village Hall was well-attended by Partners members, although not a great showing from the proposed district's property owners.

Maurice Hinchey's office finally responded to Julie, and will be submitting a Letter of Support for the Main Street Grants.

The cleanup on Lester and Main Streets was a great success.


New Business:

Julie recently met with Naima Kradjian to discuss the various projects that we are planning.   Naima told Julie about a fund in New York State for the creation of new parks, and requests are rarely received.  They like to receive requests regionally, so Naima sent Julie information for us to review to secure funding to purchase the former storage Hancock Building.  We could then use Community Development Block Grant monies for demolition.

Naima asked Julie for a "wish List" from JC Partners for the downtown district.  Julie wants to get rid of the storage building and have a nice "green space", Corinna's suggestion is to help the family at 219 Main Street, Bruce mentioned that we need to concentrate on the area between Willow (near the Goodwill Theatre) to Main Street, maybe a jazz club or upscale nightlife-something to bring people down Willow to the Theatre.  Suggestions were made regarding the conditions of buildings off Main Street that give bad impressions of that area.  Also, to open up back entrances to allow for smooth flow of movement from location to locations would be helpful.  Julie noticed on N. Broad behind the former Fat Cat Book Store that there is a space that is overgrown with weeds and trash that could be utilized for "parking space."  However, lighting could be an issue.

Carousel Day-Bruce brought in an additional sponsor, Bates Troy.  We currently have four sponsors at $250, Wegman's at $750 and $500 for Coughlin and Gerhart.   A few donations were also made:  Hatala Orthodontics for $75, State Farm gave $50.

Juried Art Show-Approved 6, but one additional applicant dropped out.  Julie refunded their $40, but we continue to get applications.

Advertising and Marketing for Carousel Day is being promoted through radio and posters, along with advertisements in "Good Times" and press releases.  This is a very time-consuming project.

Grounds Set-up and Planning-Would like to move the tents to a different location this year.  All the food tents will be together, with the bands being in the shelter area and one big tent beside the shelter area.  Still considering where to put the other big tent used for dining.  Julie has a meeting set up with the other civic organizations providing food for the event on June 27 at 7:00 in the Police Training room.  The thought is that by providing the organizations with the tents for food consumption that perhaps they can send some volunteers to help set up on Friday night.  Still considering where to put the artisans.

Julie asked for opinions if people would walk along the kids playing area to look at those types of items for sale.  General consensus was they would.

Parking-Received approval to park behind Hanks on property owned by the Ellis'.  Along with purchase of the tee shirts, we will be purchasing four safety vests.  We can use Visions parking lot, but will not promote the use of the lot.  Julie will check with the Press, although she has not heard that we cannot use their lot.  We will not be using the trolley this year.

Volunteer sign-up sheet circulated.

Cleanup of the park is scheduled for July 16 at 10:00 a.m. until noon.

Bob Olcott made the motion to accept the color of the tee shirts to be yellow and green, Bruce King seconded.  Approved with one objection made by Barb Thompson.

Julie made the motion to put the year "1923" on the horse instead of the word "staff," and Bruce seconded.  Unanimously approved.

Cindy made a motion to put the words "J.C. Partners staff" on the back and the front as opposed to the front of the shirt only, seconded by Marcia Ward.  Unanimously approved.


Review and approval of minutes: Motion to approve the minutes for the May 4 and May 25 meetings.  Motion approved.


Next Meeting: Is there interest in moving the August 4 meeting to the camp for a campfire at 7:00 p.m., or move the date to some other night.  Idea held over until next meeting.

July 13, 2011 at 7:00 at Art Allure.


Meeting adjourned- 7:48 p.m.