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December 14, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Art Allure




Julie Deemie Barb Thompson Corinna Johnson Marcia Ward
Bob Olcott Nick Tarcha Carol Laskoski Bruce King
Dottie Pobocek Greg Deemie Cindy Novobilski John Moelder


Meeting called to order at 7:02 P.M.

Welcome John Moelder from Health Beat.


Approval of Minutes:

Motion to accept August meeting minutes made by Bruce King, seconded by Barb Thompson.  Motion to approve November meeting minutes made by Bob Olcott, seconded by Corinna Johnson.  Minutes unanimously passed.



Treasurer's Report-Bruce King reports that there is not an accurate balance at this time because some of our financial records were lost due to flooding at his business..  Banks statements and checkbook balances need to be compared for accuracy.  Bank records show $1202.29 in our regular bank account, and $1229.06 for our park fund.  Records need to be accurate, as we need to do our annual audit in January, 2012; and Julie is applying for a new Arts Grant from Chenango County and they need this information.  All of our expenses have been paid, and most of the money owed to us has been received with the exception of organizations who participated in Carousel Day.

Motion to table the approval of the Treasurer's Report made by Bob Olcott, seconded by Nick Tarcha.  Motion unanimously approved.


Old Business:

A brief synopsis of the Carousel Day Committee was presented.  Reviewed procedures in place and how we might improve them or eliminate unnecessary ones.  A Safety Person is suggested to be in place for our next Carousel Day to make sure all safety procedures are in place (tents properly fastened down, cleanliness issues, etc.).  Using Hank's parking lot as an overflow lot was also suggested.  Also, a review and discussion was held on securing entertainment.

Our Main Street Grant proposal was approved and announced on November 9.   We were awarded $457,000.  We are the only municipality in Broome County that received the Main Street funding.  Although the Village has not yet received correspondence regarding this Grant, Tom Johnson will forward any information received to Julie.  A meeting was scheduled for January 19, for the Main Street Committee to meet in the Police Training Room at 6:00 p.m.

Julie wants to thank the following people for the efforts in getting the grant submitted:  Theresa Saraceno, Tioga County Economic Development, Marcia Ward, Bob Olcott, Greg Deemie, Barb Thompson, Jim Furman, Corinna Johnson, Cindy Novobilski, and Tom Johnson.  The Partners would like to thank Julie Deemie for all of her hard work.

Main Street Grant includes $35,000 for streetscape funding and signage;

Paul Nelson has set aside $10,000 community development funding from the Town of Union;

$100,000 was set aside by Joe Moody for facade low-interest loans.

A press conference will be held on Friday @ 1:00 (Corinna, Marcia, Julie, Bob) in front of the Valley Forge Building on Main Street.  Everyone is welcome to come.


New Business:

The Home Goods Giveaway served 95 families; and the Flood Relief Rummage sale raised $376.15 and $1.00 donation and a contribution of $50.000. Julie is donating $22.85 and rounding up the amount raised to $450.00.  This amount will serve 9 families at $50.00 a family for Christmas expenses.  Discussion was held on how to determine who gets these donations (families with children, senior citizens with no families, etc.).

Small break to toast the Main Street Grant.

Downtown Farmers' Market meeting held on November 16, 2011.  Don't know if it's feasible; it is a large commitment involving at least 4 hours a week from someone to manage the EBT machine and handle money issues.  Members of the Committee include Corinna, Barb, Bob and Julie.

Any suggestions for bands to nominate for the Chenango County Arts Council should be sent to Julie.  Carol, Greg and Julie went to McGirks talent-scouting recently.

January audit needs to be set up for the end of January.  Last year, Bob and Cindy performed the audit.  December 31, 2011 is the end of the Partners' fiscal year.

Dottie and Bruce will no longer be available to perform as Officers in the Partners.

Consideration should be given to what candidates are available for these positions.  Elections will be held in February.

Discussion was held on whether meeting days and whether Wednesdays are good days for the meetings to be held.  It was also decided that 7:00 is a good time for the meeting to be held.


Next Meeting: January 11, 2012 @ 7:00 at Art Allure

Meeting adjourned- 8:20 p.m.  Motion made by Greg Deemie, seconded by Bruce King.



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