Johnson City Partners Meeting


February 15, 2012

Location: Art Allure

Attendees:  Julie Deemie, Nick Tarcha, Bob Olcott, Bruce King, Dottie Pobocek, Mike Tugwell, Corinna Johnson, Marcia Ward, Cindy Novobilski, Barb Thompson, Greg Deemie

Meeting called to order at 7:12PM


Election of Officers:  Dottie Pobocek collected the ballots and tallied the results as follows:

President:       Julie Deemie

Vice-Pres:      Bob Olcott

Treasurer:       Nick Tarcha

Corres. Sec:    Jim Furman

Recording Sec:  Marcia Ward


Cindy Novobilski made a motion to accept the results of the ballots and name the officers as those who had the majority of votes. Seconded by C. Johnson.  Motion was unanimously approved.


Approval of minutes: Motion to approve Jan 11, 2012 minutes and add Dec 14, 2011 to the previous month's minutes made by C. Johnson, seconded by B. Olcott. Unanimously approved.


Reports: Treasurers report presented by Bruce King

$300.97 in the general fund

$1423.00 in the Park fund

The Annual audit of the Treasurers accounts was conducted by C. Novobilski and B. Olcott on 1/31/12


Old Business:  Fundraiser discussion-J. Deemie suggested selling raffle tickets. For example, sell 300 tickets at $10 each. Split the proceeds 50/50 with prizes and our treasury. Prizes suggested were an Ipad2, Gas grill, Nook, Keurig coffee maker, Mall gift card, gas gift cards. The discussion was tabled until the next meeting.

Other suggestions were offered for long term fund raising ideas, such as a photographer at events to take photos of children and families.

J. Deemie reported on Carousel Day

Carousel Day Sponsors:

Wegmans     $750

Coughlin and Gerhart  $500

Visions Credit Union   $250

Waiting to hear from NBT Bank, Goodrich Equipment and Bates Troy

A press release was sent last week, asking for artists and crafters. Two artists have committed from last year.  A grant was submitted to Chenango County Council of the Arts to help with the musical performances for Carousel Day.  The announcement date is March 22.

New York Main Street Grant:  J. Deemie and M. Ward discussed the committee meetings that have been held to date and explained the progress of the program.  There are three meetings scheduled for February with building owners.


New Business: B.Thompson  has been reviewing the JC Partners By-laws. A discussion followed regarding Barb's suggestions for changes and who is considered a member in good standing. It was suggested that Barb make specific recommendations at the next meeting. B. King made a motion to hold over any change of wording in the By-Laws to the next meeting. Seconded by B. Olcott. Approved by those present.

B. Thompson submitted a proposal that JC Partners have three membership categories and develop a tri-fold brochure that we can distribute to encourage more membership in the organization. We will think about the category names and discuss further at the next meeting.

J. Deemie has been in contact with some student groups from Binghamton University who would like to help with clean-up days in the village. There are clean-up days planned for March 10-11 from 10am til 2pm.  The BU students and anyone else who can help will meet at Dunkin Donuts on Reynolds Rd in Johnson City for assignments to certain streets. The village DPW will furnish bags and gloves and pick up the garbage bags that are left on the street corners.


The next meeting will be March 14 at 7PM at Art Allure.

Meeting was adjourned at 9PM.


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