Johnson City Partners


President: Julie Deemie
Vice-Pres: Bob Olcott
Treasurer: Nick Tarcha
Corres. Sec: Jim Furman
Recording Sec: Marcia Ward

Meeting Date: March 14, 2012
Location: Johnson City Mayor's conference room
Attendees: Julie Deemie, Marcia Ward, Mike Tugwell, Nick Tarcha, Barb Thompson, Corinna Johnson, Art Coddington, Jim Furman, Greg Deemie

Meeting called to order at 7:10PM

Julie introduced special guests from Broome County Government: Bijoy Datta, Deputy Executive, Mike Sopchak and Ron Heebner, Legislators. Julie had invited them to discuss County issues that affect the Central Business District of Johnson City.

Bijoy explained that the County is submitting an application for New York's Land Bank. If awarded, it would allow the county to bank properties and get them back into the community. The county can choose which foreclosed properties they will market, based on prospects for re-use. Julie gave some examples of properties in JC that have been left to deteriorate. She offered to write a letter of support from JC Partners for the Land Bank application. Julie suggested that a sign be placed on a building when a property auction has been scheduled for a foreclosed property.

There was a discussion of flood-related issues and the relation to long term economic plans.

Members of the Partners brought up transportation issues, mostly regarding bus routes. Corinna has been working with the JC Schools Admin to try to get a bus route to the High School for both students and parents. Mike suggested making a list of times when the buses are needed and potential numbers of riders. Julie raised the problem of buses speeding and running red lights in the village. We discussed possible bus shelters for some locations. It was also suggested that JC have a couple of "hubs" so that buses are not stopping at every street in the business area. The Legislators explained that the County buses are supposed to pay for themselves, but are subsidized by the County.

Julie thanked our guests for coming tonight and advised them of two upcoming meetings;

March 29 at 7PM, Elaine Miller, Commissioner of Planning and Economic Development for Broome County will be attending a JC Partners meeting at Art Allure.

March 21 at 4PM Naima Kradjian and Gail Domain are conducting a public meeting to discuss the Health and Cultural Historic District at the Firehouse Theater.
Following that meeting at 6PM Corinna Johnson has invited interested parties in Johnson City to share ideas and projects.

Reports: Treasurers report presented by Nick Tarcha
He went to the bank with Bruce King to change the signatures on the account. Nick and Julie are now authorized to sign checks.

Old Business: Julie reported that 70 BU students helped clean litter in the village last Saturday and Sunday, with supervision from some JC Partners members. They met at the Dunkin Donuts on Reynolds Rd for assignments and supplies.

Fundraiser discussion-J. Deemie again proposed selling raffle tickets for a grand prize and a few smaller prizes. N. Tarcha made a motion to conduct a raffle as a fundraiser. Seconded by C. Johnson.
The vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.
Julie asked the members to e-mail her with ideas for the prizes, so we can have the raffle tickets printed.

Meeting was adjourned at 9PM.


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